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It's ok to move a little differently: Columbia HS's inaugural autism walk (May 6, 2023)

Move differently is a phrase a number of people are hearing and using. At times, it relates to how you go about your business professionally and personally.

On the upcoming Saturday of May 6, 2023 (from 9am-12pm), the immediate community can do so at Columbia High School (2106 Columbia Drive in Decatur, GA) for the inaugural Autism Awareness Walk. Spearheaded by Decatur-raised Bobby Frazier, it's a community engagement opportunity to build awareness and support for students living with the processing-cognitive hurdle which while is far too often misinterpreted.

Frazier, who is an educator at the high school (and director of the 1911 Foundation), sees firsthand not only in students he works with, but close to home (as his son lives with autism) the information-processing differences students have across the learning and sensory spectrum. Far too often, there are those who note something's "wrong with them" when in reality, the difference is in how those living with autism process and relay information along with how they learn.

"There's a misconception that kids (live autism) can't learn", he notes (make sure to refer to the full interview below):

With the larger goals of community awareness, support, and improved inclusion let alone simply being more cognizant of students living with autism (along with parent support), the walk is the first step in garnering support for said students at the high school. Proceeds from the event (via team registration and related sponsorship and contributions) are properly earmarked to go directly for improved access for student resources for this specific segment of the campus community (for details, please contact Mr. Frazier at

With a larger goal of having similar walks at other schools in the county (and beyond), along with collaborating with community and related organizations whose focus is on students with autism, this is merely a "bridge" for generating continued access and support for an underserved segment of the community. As Frazier adds, "Take the time out sometimes to get to know people", it sets the stage for potential positive action in better addressing areas of need and concern, be it far or close to home.

And it's ok to move a little differently from time to time.


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