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A celebration and embrace of the Power of Forgiveness

Saturday, November 20th, is an opportunity to connect with some truly great actors, actresses, friends, and more.

And that is the proverbial "tip of the iceberg".

The team behind the production "The Power of Forgiveness" (presented by AR Royalty and Chestnut Music) takes time away from their rigorous practice and upcoming performance to meet, greet, and connect with each other. On a cool fall evening, the warmth not only provided by the heated tent, but by all in attendance, merely adds to the energy and excitement behind the play.

Under the leadership and direction of Tawan L. Sanders, the piece is truly visionary and timely. Given the advent of the holiday season (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other end-of-the-year holidays), one of the underlying themes is evident simply in the title. In fact, during our interview, she notes that an attribute which may be just as essential as love is indeed forgiveness.

A number of the actors and actresses we speak with provide insight on their roles and key takeaways for the audience related to their characters. Equally powerful are the personal connections they draw from their months of preparation for the production.

Of course, this evening is about taking time to reflect and celebrate, along with channeling their energies for Sunday.

The actual production/performance takes place on Sunday, November 21st, at South Cobb High School (1920 Clay Rd in Austell, GA) with three performances (at 3pm, 5pm, and 7pm EST).

Readers are encouraged to purchase their tickets via Eventbrite (click HERE to purchase), including information for pay-per-view options. Limited tickets are available for at-the-door/on-site purchase for all three shows.

When the creative arts intersects with faith, stewardship, along with themes of rededication and redemption, some amazing things can truly take place.

Take a moment or two to takeaway and more, embracing the Power of Forgiveness.

Notes: Make sure to check out our playlist of interviews by clicking HERE.

All photos and video recorded by Andrew Snorton.

First photo-grid:

Top row (left to right): The cover art for the play, a snapshot with the director (Tawan L. Sanders), and Lynn Gary (who plays the role of Deacon Drop-it-Low).

Middle row (left to right): A snapshot with Cassidy (actress playing the role of the ex-girlfriend), Jalen Moffitt (one of the actors), and actress Christina Gomez.

Bottom row (left to right): Actor Zephaniah Terry, Maddy (one of the actresses), and actor Tone Swing in the building.

Second photo-grid/slideshow:

Photos of Shanelle (one of the actresses), Clemente Casseus (one of the actors), Zephaniah Terry, cast and crew members, , the red carpet (prep), Lynn Gary, Marcus Simpson, and Kris Kinder.


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