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Building strong roots: the creative work of I Am Rooted LLC

In order to stand high and strong, you must have strong roots. And be it conventional or creative, there are different ways to get there.

One business who gets there in a creative and effective manner is I Am Rooted, LLC (click HERE to visit their Instagram).

During our conversation with Erica "Hazel" Paschel, the St Louis native and Atlanta resident shares not only her journey via her business, but through innovative and creative means, helps others on theirs. With a background in the arts (choreography) and genuine interest in community engagement, there are multiple "branches" at the root of the work taking place and services provided:

  • Empowering people with discovering and identifying their passion.

  • Understanding what you are rooted in.

  • Embracing the expressive nature within.

  • Connecting with the community.

Via applied work including (but not limited to) nontraditional therapy, it's ultimately about helping people find their voice. In doing so, the immediate journey centered in one's healing and understanding plays an important role in their self-discovery and larger holistic growth (refer to the full video interview):

On top of the therapeutic and consulting services provided (and their pending release of their sportswear collection), an upcoming event which is reflective of their impact takes place on Thursday, February 23rd, from 7-9pm. Their Sip and Flow series (tickets are available on Eventbrite simply by typing "Sip and Flow") consists of employment of painting, karaoke, games, and other enriching networking and social engagement.

There are also complimentary cocktails as well as non-alcoholic beverages and refreshments provided (with a ticket purchase).

At times, to reach convention, one has to be open to being unconventional and creative. With a seamless immersion of these and related measures, I Am Rooted does so by getting at the root.

In building stronger roots, it can build stronger people and communities.

Stand tall and deeper your roots.

Notes: For additional information on all services provided as well as the Sip and Flow event, you may contact them at iamrooted_llc on Facebook, email (at, as well as by phone at 470-465-0170.


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