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#AlphaDerbyWeekend: a Sunday brunch to make things a little better (Part 3 of our 3 part series)


A time to pause and reflect.

For the 550 attendees of the sold-out Sunday brunch (at the Omni Atlanta Hotel) via the #AlphaDerbyWeekend (click HERE to visit their website), it's a time to do those things and more.

After Thursday's networking event, Friday's golf tournament, then the Friday evening kickoff party and Saturday main event, it's a way for all slow down for a few. However, in doing so, it's time to take in the meaning and magnitude of the weekend.

Since its inception in 2015, at least 8 nonprofits receive proceeds from this event. Through the support of each person who purchases a ticket to every sponsor (including the title sponsor, Woodford Reserve), programs including (but not limited to) college tours, scholarships, co-ed leadership development, and male-mentoring are among the ways all are able to give back.

Even with brunch on a Sunday (incorporated in 2017), the silent auction and related components play a key role in this destination benefit weekend event. The complimentary mimosas and sounds of Pretty Tammi the DJ add to the experience and "send-off" as patrons near and far make their way to their next destination.

With 2022 in the books, the Alphas of Atlanta are likely going to take a moment to catch their collective breath.

And then, they'll get back to their community outreach and providing complimentary support to their fellow chapters and the greater community.

The #AlphaDerbyWeekend is certainly more than a party.

It's a destination along with the larger community purpose and focus.

And that's what the Winner's Circle is all about.

Notes: All photos and video captured by Andrew Snorton.


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