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A talk with Tangy; time to keep it "spicey"

Arts and entertainment covers a wide range of areas. Be it event hosting, hosting a television show/video series, acting, comedy, modeling/fashion, and red-carpet coverage, these are a few of the things you'll see.

And if you see them, you'll definitely see Tangy Spicey.

The Texas-raised and Atlanta-based arts and entertainment figure has a reach that is expansive and expanding. In addition to the aforementioned areas, there are other projects in film, hosting (including her show, The Tangy Show), and inter-related areas which make her a "must watch and book" presence.

During our recent interview, she elaborates on these and other subjects, including the importance of having perspective and a deeper grounding in pursuit of your passion and purpose.

Engaging, energetic, insightful, and and accessible are a few of the things that come to mind when you are in her presence on set, on screen, or anywhere. Make sure to stay connected via YouTube (Tangy4Real - click HERE for more details), Instagram (click HERE to connect), and on Facebook at The Tangy Show.

And don't forget to keep it spicey.


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