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Another view

All of us, and I do mean ALL of us, have a view on something.

Yes, we do. Family, friends, people we know, people we don't know, politics, sports, and other topics. It's part of what we are, as well as a part of what we do. Some people have the view of being budget-conscious when they go out and about, which is part of the reason why they use a Groupon (don't knock it until you've tried it), go to the matinee to watch a movie, or purchase something on-sale to save a few dollars. Other people have the view of why their favorite player should or should not have changed teams, how a rainy day makes them feel some sort of way, and other related topics.

We all have our views. To varying degrees, they are valid, but they aren't absolute.

Really? Yes.

Once upon a time, there's a legal views that says every 5 Black/African-Americans are the same as 3 "regular people". There's another view once upon a time that women should have the opportunity to exercise their right to vote (until 1920). And there are some who feel because of a title they have, it gives them more validity to do what they do, even if there are those around them who have talent and ability that can and should be cultivated for them to grow professionally or otherwise.

Enjoy the view, including considering those of others.  It's not about agreeing, but understanding.

We may not always agree with views that are different from ours. However, even if it is different, it does not mean we do not take the time to at least listen, engage, and draw from them. There are times one's view may shed some light on a few things that you may not always see or take account of. There are other times that doing so helps reinforce your notions that maybe you are on the right track.

Ranging from ideas on how you market, who your target audience is, or what to order from the menu, we all have a view. We also have to remember our views aren't always absolute; when you introduce different perspectives or approaches, there are times they could (or could not) help in a given situation or scenario.

The view can and is usually a lot broader than what we think. It means we have to be able to pause, listen, think, reflect, and engage. Being passionate is fine as there are things we feel strongly about, but not so strong that we forget to simply take inventory of a few things that could help us short-term or long term. It's not always about agreeing, but understanding and using this to help you down the line, as the line could be coming up a lot closer than what you realize.

And now, time for me to enjoy the view.

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