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Unsung heroes and scholarship: the student essay and film competition (Fulton County, GA)

Heroes can come from anywhere.

They can be men or women. They can be well-known or flying below the radar, and during Black History Month, they can be historic or be living history and become historic.

In this spirit, Fulton County Commissioner Marvin B. Arrington, Jr (along with Friends of Wolf Creek, Fulton Films, and the Fulton County Library System) are presenting the Black History Film Festival. An integral part of the event (working under the theme of "My Unsung Hero") is the student essay and film competition.

High school students who reside in the county are encouraged to research and submit a 1500 word/typed essay or 10 minute short film (via YouTube) based on the topic "Why My Unsung Hero Should Be Celebrated During Black History Month". With a deadline for submission of February 18, 2022 (the actual event takes place February 25, 2022 at Wolf Creek Library), students are encouraged to send their submissions ASAP (readers should refer to the flyer for the rules/details).

Nearly $2,000 is available in prizes (scholarships), as the 1st place award consists of a $500 scholarship.

There are sponsorship opportunities available for community entities (i.e. businesses, community organizations, and others). For details on these engagement opportunities, readers are encouraged to contact Jerell Shearin via email (at by February 22, 2022.

Heroes. Writing. Film. Scholarship.

Black History. Living history.


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