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The 2nd annual Pearly Awards: sharing positive stories of impact of the Divine 9 and beyond

We all have a story to tell.

When it comes to the Divine 9 (the collective of Historically Black Fraternities and Sororities), one such entity who focuses on sharing narratives and stories of impact is Majority Greek Magazine. Under the leadership of Antoinne Duane Jones (a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.), the publication and media outlet showcases the professional and civic impact of these organizations and their members.

In building upon the work of the magazine, the recently established Pearly Awards provide a semi-formal affair with a high-class flair to do more than just celebrate the accomplishments of members of the respective fraternities and sororities. It's a way for people to cross-reference among the organizations and the larger community (as the event is open to the public).

The second edition of the Pearly Awards takes place March 23, 2024 at the Venue at West Cobb (3999 Austell Rd/#251 in Austell, GA). With a meet and greet time accentuated with the red carpet (6:30-7:30pm) rolling into the awards event (7:30-9:30pm), it promises to be an engaging and enriching evening and the centerpiece of the 4th weekend of the month.

There are opportunities to ticket purchases, nominations, sponsors, and more; for additional details, it is recommended to visit the website (click HERE for more details).

An upscale affair typically provides a positive experience; when positively amplified via the Pearly Awards, it's an opportunity for the community and Divine 9 to truly shine.

Notes: You may visit Majority Greek Magazine (click HERE) and the Pearly Awards (click HERE) on Instagram. You may add our YouTube to view the complete video playlist (click HERE).


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