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The 10th year of making sure every little girl around the world has a doll for Christmas: the continued impact of #DivasandDolls

2013 is the year it all starts.

Celebrity host, brand manager, author, and cancer survivor Tyressa Ty's response to a little girl's need 10 years ago grows into a holiday and community-centered endeavor which makes a positive impact literally across the country. Combined with the presence of women across arts and entertainment, business and entrepreneurship, and the public sector, when two or more are gathered for a common and constructive cause, positive life-changing things can happen.

#DivasAndDolls focuses on collecting dolls for young women to provide a sense of upliftment, encouragement, and holiday cheer during this time of the year. With the focus of "Every little girl around the world deserves a doll of Christmas", it's more than just providing a gift. Given how a doll at an early age can be a little girl's "first friend", it can take on an added meaning regarding one's self-image and identity.

In previous years, a number of women in arts and entertainment lend their support as the lead "diva" to help galvanize the nationwide effort. For 2023, author, philanthropist, actress, Real Housewives of Atlanta personality Monyetta Shaw- Carter and internationally acclaimed model, tv personality, women's health advocate, and actress Cynthia Bailey are serving as the leads. Combined with more than 30 powerhouse women across 20 states and nearly 40 cities, all play key roles with the doll collection and deliveries leading up to Christmas.

To learn more about lending support (including drop-off and deliveries to donations), you may visit Tyressa Ty's website (click HERE) along with her Instagram (click HERE).

The holidays can be a festive time for some, yet a challenging time for others. In this instance, a focused, energetic, dedicated, and community-centered group of women across multiple walks of life are coming together to help make the holidays better in their immediate communities and literally across the country.

That's what divas do when it comes to #DivasandDolls as every little girl around the world deserves a doll for Christmas.


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