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Rep Hank Johnson, DeKalb County Board of Health, and First Class Barber Shop: Shots at the Shop

While there are signs of improvement, we are still in a pandemic.

Per the beginning of June (2021), nearly 600,000 people have died due to Covid-19. Even though slightly more than 70% of Americans aged 45 and older are vaccinated (along with sizeable decreases in the number of cases), there is still a need for people to get as protected as possible against the virus, as well as possible emerging strands (click HERE for the report from the White House).

As a result, there is an aggressive push to have 70% of all adults to get at least one shot to help stem the tide and adverse impact of Covid-19. One of the initiatives in place to provide improved access to receiving medical help related to this public health issue is the Shots at the Shop initiative.

With engagement of barber shops and beauty salons ranging from dissemination of information to on-site vaccination events with local providers, it is a means to reach those who may be most adversely and disproportionately impacted. On Saturday, June 26th, Congressman Hank Johnson, along with the DeKalb County Board of Health and First Class Barber Shop (located at 3501 Panola Road in Stonecrest, GA) team up to host the health and community focused event.

A considerable number of residents are "walk-ups" to the mobile center to provide information and on-site treatment. Whether it is a first or second dosage (as Phizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson are made available), delivery to the people and community is integral to the day and the larger efforts to reach (or exceed) the benchmark by the July 4th date.

"We've brought the vaccines to the people; people have been able to choose which vaccine they want. It's been a very successful morning; we've put shots in arms today and we've saved some lives", Congressman Johnson notes at the conclusion of the event.

In addition, the DeKalb County Board of Health is taking a similar proactive position providing education, information, and related health access. Starting Wednesday, June 30th, they are moving to a mobile model to better reach demographics which may be areas of concern regarding access. Likewise, the host venue, First Class Barber Shop, expresses interest in being a larger "community hub" when it comes to these and related events.

Collaboration is key. When it comes to public health, moving in a proactive manner and meeting people where they are is the focus of the initiative.

On the last Saturday of June, Congressman Johnson, the DeKalb County Board of Health, and concerned residents in the immediate and greater community come together to do their part relating to public health.

Notes: photos and video recorded by Andrew Snorton.

Photo grid:

  1. Top row (left to right): Congressman Johnson with members of the DeKalb County Board of Health and First Class Barber Shop along with snapshots of the Congressman speaking with members of the community as well as people getting information on the vaccines (including on-site vaccinations).

  2. Second row (left to right): In the barber shop, on-site, and meeting with media (Kris10 Media), Congressman Johnson takes time to support the Shots at the Shop initiative in partnering with others and bringing the vaccine to the community.

  3. Third row (left to right): More snapshots of the community, including getting information and on-site vaccinations and more.

  4. Bottom row (left to right): Additional snapshots of other media outlets (105.3 The Beat) and more who take part of today's event.


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