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No greater force: the legendary Force MD's, their street renaming event, and more on the horizon

Blending the smoothness of r and b with the creative energy and edge of hip-hop is commonplace in contemporary music. Many have seen musical pairings from these divergent music styles to come up with some truly innovative sounds.

By the same token, have you ever wondered what group (or groups) are pioneers of the sound?

Have you wondered what are they doing now as well as on the horizon?

These are related questions are answered and then some during our interview with the legendary Force MD's.

Hailing from Staten Island, NY, their contributions to the music landscape are felt and heard to this day. In speaking with band members Khalil, Stevie D, and Zieme (pronounced Zai-eme), these innovative minds draw from not only their early influences of r and b from artists including (but not limited to) the Jackson 5, Earth Wind and Fire, Marvin Gaye, the Manhattans, and other artists. They also keep their ears to the beats of the streets given their ties with artists including (but not limited) to Melle Melle, The Furious Five, Kurtis Blow, and The Treacherous Three in regards to hip hop. In fact, Stevie D's membership in 2 groups at the time (the LD's who focus on r and b and the Force MC's who are hip-hop based) provide the bridge for the group's evolution into the Force MD's and coming up with a style that many would emulate (you may watch the full interview below):

Their up-tempo tracks (Let Me Love You and Forgive Me Girl) along with their early ballads (Tears and Here I Go Again) provide the proverbial "placement on the map". Their creative merging showcased in Itching For A Scratch, which starts off as a casual and comedic conversation, leads to them actually putting the song together and being a game changer (to learn more, watch the following snippet):

And then the powerhouse (and still classic ballad) Tender Love elevates their presence.

Add the classic mid-tempo standard Love Is House and the group's legacy is cemented.

However, their story does not stop there.

A new chapter is being written this coming Saturday, August 27th, at 2pm, in their hometown of Staten Island, NY. (at Mariner Harbor on the corner of Grandview Ave and Brabant Street). The group is having the street renamed in their honor, as this is among the centerpiece events of the day. Combined with a free concert and the neighborhood celebration Harbor Day, it's a day for all fans of the music genre, youth, adults, and greater community for not just those in Staten Island, NY, but for the entire Tri-State (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) and beyond to enjoy.

With projects in the works ranging from a book release to a biopic, the Force MD's are not only adding to their legacy, but working at the intersection of celebrating the past and planting seeds for future generations of creatives across music, the arts, and more.

From pioneering work still relevant to trailblazers making a way for current and future creatives, there's no greater force than the original and legendary Force MD's, especially when they plant such timely, positive, and powerful seeds as the ones below:


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