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Living history making part of the Dream a reality: Poplar Hill Missionary Baptist Church's Martin Luther King Jr's Day of Service program featuring guest speaker Norcross Mayor Craig Newton

January 15, 1929 is a day many remember. It is the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, whose efforts related to civil rights and beyond are well documented. Likewise, with the advent of the national holiday (among other efforts), his impact across society is provided the opportunity to be well recalled and respected.

For a number of people, it's a way to engage with the community through a wide array of events and programs. Ranging from community and public service events to other efforts, it's considered a "day on" when it comes to taking a moment in making the spaces and places where we live, work, and play just a little better and inching a little closer to the "Great Society" often referenced in King's works, including the "I Have a Dream" speech.

With a historic and contemporary tradition of proactive stewardship and service (click HERE to learn more about one of their previous events and efforts), Poplar Hill Missionary Baptist Church is hosting their Martin Luther King, Jr Day of Service program (234 E Shadburn Ave in Buford, GA) next Monday (January 15, 2024) at 10am EST. The program focus is to take a moment to recognize and honor representatives who are making a proactive and positive impact across academia, civic, and the judicial community.

Beyond the public acknowledgements, the message of the day is delivered by the Honorable Craig Newton. He is the Mayor of Norcross, GA and has the distinction of being a history-maker and game changer in being not only the first African-American Mayor of the city, but for Gwinnett County.

History isn't always about the past. It can be about being a game-changer in the present and positioning our communities and beyond for our future. Next Monday is an opportunity for all to see the Dream being realized, let alone realizing the dreams and aspirations many have when it comes to making a difference in their communities and beyond.

And it gets underway next Monday.

Note: The flyer is provided by Poplar Hill Missionary Baptist Church. The event is open to the public.


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