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It's time to toast and take note: Styletainment's kickoff and related programming leading to their annual gala to recognize breast cancer survivors and support #APlaceCalledLove

A good toast can be a good thing, and we aren't speaking of the bread, butter, jelly, jam, or preserves kind.

It signals the start of something positive and in the case of the New Jersey-based arts and entertainment collective Styletainment (click HERE to visit their website), it's more than their sound and solid array of performance grounding in the performing arts (including dance, music, song, and fashion). One of their key events focuses on a significant health issue and in putting their efforts to recognize, build awareness, and generate support, it aligns with a nonprofit initiative to provide improved access to resources to those in need.

Styletainment's origins are derived from their visionary leader and creator, Missouri (you may watch the video segment/interview below):

From her early inklings related to fashion as a youth to her life journey which includes being a breast cancer survivor, her efforts set the stage for the tremendous work taking place. Her work as a published author (click HERE to learn more) only augments said endeavors, including two key events where the Tri-State (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) community and general public can support.

On May 11, 2024, their Pre-Mother's Day is more than just a social event, but their launch gearing up for their larger gala on October 26, 2024. In addition to introducing the women who are among the breast cancer survivors recognized at their formal affair in the fall, panel discussions/conversations around the health topic along with sharing their larger community grounded initiative #APlaceCalledLove, a center to provide support for women who are homeless and living with breast cancer (to provide improved access to resources and related health and wellness support); our conversation with Hattie Smith, a breast cancer survivor and previous honoree who leads their fundraising efforts, provides insight on the "why" behind the work taking place (you may view her segment/interview below):

Given the tremendous stories of impact of the team, awardees, and related patrons, Lisa St Hilaire, who is a member of the leadership team, helps capture said stories as their red carpet host. Her energy, along with that of the team in sharing the work of Styletainment and their creative and community work, play a considerable role in their present and upcoming endeavors (you may watch her clip/segment below):

On top of marking the calendars for the second Saturday of May and the last Saturday of October, there's considerable engagement opportunities given their related performances to bookings for speaking and related events (you may watch the segment for more details):

The wide and creative range of Styletainment extends beyond the performing and creative arts stage, and their social events are more than just a party. With a larger purpose of support for the community via #APlaceCalledLove to amplifying the positive and powerful narratives of women who are living beyond breast cancer, there's opportunities for the larger community to meet, greet, connect, engage, and support some truly timely efforts (you may watch the recap/concluding remarks below):

Hence the time for a toast and setting the stage with Styletainment.

Notes: You may watch the entire interview playlist and subscribe to our YouTube (click HERE). Likewise, for breaking updates, visit Styletainment's website (click HERE) as they add to their calendar/schedule of events and programs.


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