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Even at night, keep your vision: the work of Dr. Kemberly E. McKenzie

When a new year comes around (as is the case for 2022), we're familiar with a few of the usual catchphrases.

New year. New me. New you. New (insert the next "new" thing). In some instances, people do fall back into familiar patterns and gradually lose sight of their goals and focus.

However, the work of Dr. Kemberly E. McKenzie is about empowering people to maintain their vision, even in the heart of darkness.

Her business services provided under the focus of "KEM" (Knowledge, Empowerment, and Motivation) include (but aren't limited to) life coaching and public speaking (click HERE to visit her website for more details). Combined with her professional background in education (nearly 25 years overall, including 21 in special education), her primary focus is on providing her clients with sound access to resource and growth opportunities.

And then there's the matter of helping maintain one's focus.

Birthed from a personal experience of being lost (figurately and literally) and having to find her own way, she takes this theme and uses it as a means of empowerment and motivation for others. The release of her book, Night Vision (click HERE to pre-order as it is an Amazon best-seller), provides readers with 21 valuable and applicable life-lessons which goes beyond the typical getting "from point A to point B".

"You have to keep walking (and keep going)", she notes.

Embracing the adage of taking a moment to pause, but then to keep going, is one of a number of universal themes applicable in any aspect of life (i.e. personal, professional, civic/community, and other realms). On top of the pre-order success, the companion journal and e-book provide another set of resources for readers and clients; likewise, January 20th is the date of the official launch (virtual event), as it provides another way for all to get connected.

From business to community and now writing, Dr. Kemberly E. McKenzie is doing more than just seeing a vision. She's living it and providing ways for others to do so.

Day or night, never lose sight of your vision.


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