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A celebration of breast cancer survivors: the Old Hollywood Gala presented by Styletainment

During the heart of the holiday season, we can use a reminder of what is truly great about this time of the year. When you celebrate stories of triumph in the midst of trials and tribulations, things "hit" a little differently.

Once juxtaposed with the festivity and energy of a black-tie/formal affair and the arts, you have an event that truly is second to none; this is exactly what takes place on Saturday evening, December 11th (2021), at the Hyatt Regency (New Brunswick, NJ) at the Old Hollywood Gala presented by Styletainment (click HERE to visit their website).

Thanks to the visionary leadership of its owner, Missouri, their seamless blend of arts, fashion, style, along with a strong community undertone make it a presence sincerely needed in the Tri-State (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) and beyond. Even greater is the main purpose for the nearly 300 attendees; as a fellow survivor of breast cancer (Missouri), she and her team take things a step further in celebrating breast cancer survivors (7 truly amazing women) and their ongoing journeys to living positive and impactful lives. Doing so not only keeps them encouraged, but to continue with their individual and collective efforts to empower others in their respective health journeys and beyond.

Complete with a red carpet welcome, silent auction, and full dinner, the positive atmosphere is augmented by the host, Hattie Smith (a breast cancer survivor), the timely humor of Comedian A. Hood, and the sounds of DJ Antonie Qua on the 1's and 2's (turntables/DJ). The "sneak peek/preview" performances (the pieces are "Wild Orchid", "The Sweeter the Cherry", and a promo celebrating the iconic R and B group New Edition) by Styletainment enhance the overall experience.

The powerful testimonies of honorees Paula Flory, Veronica Adams-Grimsley, Angela Killane-Sims, Tania Ellerbe-Turner, Tajuana Allen, Maria Althouse, and Celeste Giancola remind all of the reason behind the event. Likewise, Missouri's ability to bring all together and using the arts as a means for awareness, advocacy, and empowerment truly connect all with the spirit of the gala and beyond.

An iconic theme infused with principle, passion, purpose, and positively outstanding experience.

Notes: Images are provided by Andrew Snorton and Styletainment. The breakdown is as follows:

1. The first photo grid is provided by Styletainment (as it is a listing of the event, the nominees, and the red carpet hosts, Lisa St. Hilaire and Andrew Snorton).

2. The first set of videos include interviews with Celeste Giancola (nominee) and Tajuana Allen (nominee), along with attendees Yakima DeLoatch and Elaysha Thompson.

3. The set of images include snapshots of guests, including nominee Paula Flory (first row from the top on the left), artist Andrilisa Read-Iglesias Lopez (2nd row from the top on the right), along with 2021 Gala Queen Tiasha (Tye) Caldwell (first row up from the bottom on the left) , 2021 Gala King Floyd Caiazzo (first row up from the bottom on the left), and the creative team of Styletainment.

4. The second set of videos include remarks from Missouri (1st video), along with snapshots of performances via Styletainment (Wild Orchid/2nd video and the New Edition piece/3rd video).

For the video playlist, click HERE to view.


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