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Creatives and collaboration: know the CLOTH


Including but not limited to fashion, the arts, and other fields, tapping into those who are those who are creators, makers, designers, movers and shakers, along with providing new brands, products, and merchandise is something that is needed in the smaller and larger business landscape. Being able to connect with each other, including the larger community and public, is of equal importance.

Collaboration is a key manner in which businesses are able to do so and more.

And this is where the visionary leadership and direction of Charla R. Mitchell comes into play.

It's time to know the CLOTH (August 24th from 12-3pm at The Blank Canvas located at 321 Nelson St in Atlanta, GA).

The Maryland-raised, Clark-Atlanta alumna, member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc (East Point-College Park chapter), and fashion designer/shop owner of Hazel Eyes Fashion House and Company LLC is spearheading an enriching and engaging platform to better connect said creatives, the larger community, and future creatives for the brunch-themed event. Given her immersion in creative fields (she learns to sew by the time she is 7 years old and her early work in dance), as well as the constructive influences provided by her parents and godparents eventually lead her to the creation of her company. With its growing influence including a clothing brand, wardrobe consulting, sewing classes (and related workshops), and an internship program, her theme of providing and accentuating women's self-confidence and ability to stand and walk tall from the boardroom to the red carpet is integral to the services provided.

And now is the time to take things a level where fellow creatives and businesses are able to better engage with each other, let alone the larger community.

Calling ALL creatives, innovators, movers and shakers, businesses, and the community!  It's time to know the CLOTH (August 24th)!

"We have to have better conversations and discussions with each other. The ability to establish partnerships and brand building is critical not just for your business, but for our businesses (and this includes providing opportunities for the next generation of creatives)", Mitchell emphasizes.

Businesses that are serving key roles in the "brunch x shop x sip" event include Project Yingg (fashion brand), MMV8 Wear (lifestyle brand), CR Clothing Company (fashion brand), On a Living Spree (t-shirt brand), Cat's Closet (glassware brand), Two Dough Girls (bakers), Happy Hair (kids' goods/author), RA (fashion brand), and We Made America Great (t-shirt brand) Additional contributors and collaborators include The Black Maverick, Concoction-The Workshop Shop, Creative Community Solutions, Ryan Alexander Studios, and The Blank Canvas ATL (to view the promotional video, click HERE).

In addition to the interactive and hands-on discussions grounded in best and better creative practices, brunch is served complete with mimosas and more; this includes the top-notch culinary creations of Nothing Like Muriel's Catering and Bomade Vodka (for those 21 and older). The soundtrack to the Saturday afternoon is provided by DJ Jabo, which adds to the energy and creative vibe of the event.

"It's about bringing the (business and larger) community together. It's important to identify creative businesses, let alone create your (and our) own space in the marketplace. It's about brand building and identifying our homegrown talent as well as those who are passionate and driven. And we have to provide a platform and space for future creatives (and interns)", she adds.

Tickets, business spaces (there is a $20 non-refundable fee and if selected, the total business space costs $90), and sponsorship opportunities are available. For details, readers are encouraged to make their purchases and selections through the event website (click HERE).

Mitchell's scheduled appearances on the Morning Takeover (on the Real 1100 AM radio/I-Heart and related platforms at 10:15am EST on August 13th) and The Conversation Corner with Author Andrew Snorton (on the Status Network/LyveTV channel and related social media platforms, along with ROKU and Amazon Firestick at 7pm EST on August 14th) provide readers and viewers additional ways to engage, connect, learn more, and of course, patronize the event; likewise, readers may reach out via and phone (404-913-2792) for details.

Breaking news and updates are available by adding Cloth/kloth/ on Facebook and Instagram (@knowthecloth).

Creation and innovation, connectivity and collaboration, and providing opportunities for future creatives and businesses is what the event is all about, and it's just the start for some bigger things on the horizon.

On August 24th, get to know the CLOTH.

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