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20 years and carrying the Torch: A Blaque celebration

When anyone takes time to celebrate, there's multiple reasons why. For some, it's about longevity or productivity, or just having a release and breath of fresh air in working through a challenge or two.

On May 31st (2019), Brandi Williams, Shamari DeVoe, along with members of their family, friends, and colleagues are able to celebrate just as others do. However, their celebration is of a creative and positive nature, as they are not only able to celebrate their accomplishments, but a truly major accomplishment.

On top of celebrating 20 years in the music industry (which in and of itself is no small feat), they are able to celebrate an equally big (if not bigger) accomplishment: the release of their album "Torch".

After years of hurdles (known and unknown) to clear, instead of settling for snippets, the entire album is officially released (on May 31st) as is available on multiple music platforms (click HERE for a listing and downloading information).

With a sound array of supporters, including Reigndrop Lopes (whose sister, LIsa "Left Eye" Lopes, is the creative force who brings the group into existence), members of the family of Natina Reed, musical colleagues including (but not limited to) the groups Silk and 112, along with other supporters and fans, the event is truly a wide-ranging celebration, including a performance by the group, along with a powerful moment of silence and reflection for both Lopes and Reed (who are ever-present in spirit).

Celebrations typically are positive in nature, and last night is no exception. To take a moment to take in the advent of their 20th year in the music industry and seeing their album finally come to light clearly are things to celebrate.

Moving forward, expect Blaque to continue to "carry the Torch".

NOTE: Readers are encouraged to add @official.blaque (on Instagram), @officialblaque (on Twitter), and Blaque (on Facebook) to remind engaged and informed of upcoming news and events.

With the exception of the album cover (owned by the group Blaque), all photos are taken by the writer (Andrew Snorton).

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