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Insight for the independents

For those in music and related endeavors, the word "independent" means different things to different people. Hard-working to hustling, control of one's creativity, and being "true to the game" are some thoughts that come to mind. By the same token, getting exposure along with positive separation from the proverbial "50-11 hundred people" doing the "exact same thing" (in principle) is a challenge for anyone, ranging from the novice to the professional.

On January 23rd from 5:30-8pm at the Metro Lofts (675 Metropolitan Parkway), a collective of Metro-Atlanta's independent scene are coming together. In doing so, they are sharing what they have learned, what they are learning, and what they've yet to learn to help the next generation of artists achieve their immediate and long term goals in their respective fields.

When a dj, event host, music artist, and author come together to provide insight to fellow artists.  Make plans to attend the Independent Artist Mixer on January 23rd (check the flyer to RSVP)!

The Independent Artist Mixer is an opportunity for those in music and related fields to meet, greet, connect, and engage with fellow artists who are making steady progress and growth in their chosen fields. With a panel that includes DJ Deceptacon (one of Atlanta's more sought after DJ's), Ms Zone 4 (one of Atlanta's fastest rising event hosts), Echapo (an Atlanta-based music artist who is a growing presence in Atlanta and the region), and Author Andrew Snorton (a 2-time published author who is a growing presence on the book festival and related circuit), it provides a timely opportunity to learn from others what has and hasn't worked to help avoid similar challenges. By the same token, those in attendance can gain insight on adjustments they can make and apply to make sure their independent voice and presence resonates with their current and future audience.

To be a part of the seminar, attendees need to RSVP via email at; there is a $10 admission fee for the seminar (that may be paid at the seminar/on-site). For the cost of parking in the city on a weekend, attendees can engage and apply information and lessons learned so the next time they have to pay such an amount, they are "pulling up" to the venue as a featured artist or panelist.

On January 23rd, be a part of the mixer and seminar where insight for the independents can provide growth opportunities and more.

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