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Align and realize your vision

What's your vision? Where are you trying to go? What are you trying to do in business? Who can help you get there and what have they done (and are still doing)?

When it comes to providing best-practices covering process improvements, executive coaching, and structured training, the Jacksonville, FL based iAlign Strategic Vision Consulting helps address the aforementioned and related areas of need. Under the vision and direction of Angela D. Mealer (MBA), her authenticity and professionalism not only helps businesses and other entities realize their vision, but empowers her to do the same with her previous and current endeavors.

From the personal hurdles cleared as a teen mother, to the professional successes and academic credentials of earning her BA (University of Phoenix), MBA (Jacksonville University), and her ongoing work towards her doctoral studies in educational leadership (Nova SE University), Ms. Mealer is a living example of having a vision and aligning it with best and consistent practices in having professional success. Including her move into entrepreneurship prior to the age of 30, and with a solid track record including her prior creation and (or) ownership of Genesis Christian Academy (early learning center) and Skyyline Courier, to her roles of an adjunct professor of business, owner of TempleWorks LLC (a for-profit profit personal distributor), and her current role as the founder and chief strategist for IAlign Strategic Vision Consulting, her expertise lends favorably to working with businesses and the larger framework of realizing their vision and alignment with the processes needed in order to excel.

Angela Mealer is the visionary behind; her company provides process improvements, executive coaching, and structured training balanced with her business and community engagement expertise.

Combined with her community engagement given her board and leadership roles via the Jacksonville area's branch of the American Cancer Society (including serving as a chairperson for major events), the James Weldon Johnson College Preparatory School PTSA, the Johnson YMCA, the Diamond Experience (which celebrates the rise of women from obscurity to brilliance), and the Merci Project (which provides scholarships and mentorships to women from single parent homes during their senior year of high school through their freshmen year of college), it provides an added reach to incorporate a considerable amount of leadership development and refinement. As the author of "20/20 Vision for Your Life: Overcoming Obstacles and Finding Your Focus" as well as a regular contributor to the Jacksonville media and beyond, including being a quarterly contributor to the national publication Inspiring Magazine, Mealer brings a practical balance of the credentials, business experience, and broader community to the work she does.

What are you trying to do in business? Who can help you get there and what have they done (and are still doing)?

It seems like a good time to align with iAlign Strategic Vision Consulting.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To learn more about all services provided, readers may contact iAlign Strategic Vision Consulting at 877-391-8871, as well as visit their website ( or social media (Facebook @iAlignvision); to schedule a consultation, please direct inquiries to

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