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Why not you? Why not Tracy Rolle?

Why you? Why not you?

At some point in time, we hear these questions. Sometimes it is due to someone asking you about why you are doing something or are somewhere at a given point in time professionally or otherwise. Other times, these are the questions we ask ourselves given life's interesting twists and turns.

In this case, I am able to speak this past Monday (January 23, 2017) to Ms. Tracy L. Rolle. Granted, she has a sound track record in working with people in equipping and empowering them to overcome life's obstacles, ranging from addiction, unemployment, and other life challenges. Through her efforts via Alternative Interventions Methods Evaluations (AIME, LLC), Ms. Rolle works with people in the aforementioned demographic in order for them to educate them in realizing their potential, be it through work and employment, community, and other areas.

The same holds true with her work through the program "Women Who Want It All". As she shares with me, "It starts from a one on one mentoring piece for female colleagues to growing to a monthly series where we are able to work with each other in providing support grounded in best practices from professional and other related matters", she adds.

Given the work through these two areas, she is clearly answering the call of why you and why not you. However, she is taking this concept to an even higher level.

With the advent of the new city of South Fulton, GA, she is looking at utilizing her skill-sets grounded in problem solving in the political arena with her campaign to serve as a member of City Council (District 1). Her platform is focusing on key issues related to business development, public safety, and other key areas of concern, but doing so in a manner that clearly parallels the problem-solving she does in her current roles.

"It is about being clear, a sense of transparency, and being able to talk with and listen to people. We have to be consistent with these essential things in order to better address the issues at hand. If we are consistent in our ability to engage, educate, and empower our communities, we position ourselves to better problem-solve allow our communities to thrive", she emphasizes.

In essence, it's taking the attributes she has in problem-solving with smaller segments of the community and duplicating them on a larger stage and platform; she is taking inventory of what skill-sets she has and seeking out in as sincere a manner as possible additional platforms where her strengths can not only be better enhanced, but equally enhance the lives of those she is able to work and come in contact with.

In a time where people wonder why me or when to take the proverbial leap of faith, what Ms. Rolle has and is doing is clearly ordering and preparing her for her next steps. It's all about making it happen and in this case, for the greater good.

NOTE: To learn more about Ms. Rolle, readers are encouraged to visit the following sites:

City Council District 1 Campaign (City of South Fulton):

Business (AIME, LLC):

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