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'tis the season

Last week's blog must have struck a nerve. I say that as a number of readers noted how I am speaking to their current challenges, be it business or otherwise. While I'm not glad they (and the author) are dealing with some challenges, I am glad that my piece spoke to them and provides a sense of encouragement. All of our challenges are ours, but to know you are not alone in regards to the kinds of challenges out there hopefully gives people some optimism as they navigate through a difficult time.

In this spirit, I'm excited to share an opportunity hosted by one of our clients. And it's a way for you to give back as well.

On December 6, 2016 from 6:30-8:15pm at Kat's Cafe (970 Piedmont Road NE), Celebrity Host Tyressa Ty is hosting a holiday mixer and relationship panel. It's an opportunity to meet, greet, share, exchange, and reflect upon this time of the year when relationships either go to the "next" level of the "wrecked" level.

However, don't call it a pity-party. Attendees are asked to bring a $5 donation to support a holiday initiative #DivasAndDolls, as it's a way to provide holiday cheer to some amazing young women throughout the Southeast and other parts of the country. Dolls are collected and later distributed to women in need to provide some holiday cheer; after all, one of the first gifts young women play with do have a role in helping them form their identity, so it's clearly a come one, come all affair.

As a bonus, she'll be on 87.9 FM The Globe on the show Inspirational Talk with Dr. Tangi. Coming from the topic of "Beauty and the Beast: The Pros and Cons of Women in Entertainment", from 10am-12pm on December 5, 2016 should provide some insight as to the things women work through in what is a very competitive field.

Again, we hope you'll join us next week to not only get some things out of your system, but to channel such energy into something positive. And again, while the holidays can be a source of stress, we hope that what we share speaks to the general situation and provides constructive outlets to regroup, re-gather, renew, and get back at being who you are and whose you are.

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