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Bridge-building: the call for supporting Seven Oaks Academy

Children are the future.

Many have heard a statement or sentiment along these lines, and there's certainly validity to the statement. The earlier the work with youth, potentially, the better the outcomes.

The same holds true when it comes to lending support to those working with youth in the realm of daycare and early childhood education, including an opportunity to lend broader institutional support and investment in programs and services provided.

The Seven Oaks Academy in Gwinnett County, GA is such a space and place (click HERE to visit their website).

In speaking with Erica Gwyn (Head of School/Executive Director), we're able to get a point of reference of the programs and services provided. With a solid background in nonprofit and education, she and the leadership, faculty, and staff, are clearly focused on immersing themselves, along with the students (and parents) served in best early childhood educational practices.

This extends to their core audience (low and middle income students and families), as they incorporate critical and essential components of the Montessori curriculum/approach. Grounded in holistic practices, the focus is on personal development and subsequently transferring said skills to academics and beyond.

They serve as a collaborative "hub" from the standpoint of their relationships with Meadowcreek High School and Gwinnett Tech. Students are able to fulfill their practicum requirements/opportunities and in some instances, employment opportunities with the academy and related entities.

As is the case in a number of business and nonprofit instances, the pandemic has an adverse impact on their day-to-do. In working under the new/now normal, there are needs for broader support as in a number cases, federal funding is diminished. In heeding the call for support, businesses and the larger community can help the academy serve as a "bridge-builder" for the students and related population served, including access to the educational and related resources provided.

Readers who have an interest in learning more (including support opportunities) are encouraged to contact their offices at 770-564-0470.

Building bridges to student growth, learning, and success are the hallmarks of Seven Oaks Academy. And during the holidays, with the community's investment, they'll continue to do so.

Notes: You may visit their website (click HERE) for their complete range of services. To view the entire playlist, including the full interview and segments, visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel (click HERE).


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