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Accepting and embracing yourself and your gifts: the creative presence of Neria Townes

Earlier in June, I have the opportunity to speak with a growing creative presence, Neria Towns (@neriaXaireN on Instagram). While creative is a "creative" way to describe those in the arts and related fields, you can tell there's something positively different and special during our conversation.

It's about acceptance of self and embracing your gifts. It's about allowing yourself to be poured into by positive people and vice-versa, and embracing the journal and understanding that you truly belong here.

The greater Atlanta native (Newnan, GA) gains exposure to the creative and performing arts via the primary lens of acting (voice, music, and stage). With designs on continued focus on these and related skill sets (including potential and prospective projects in film and more), it's more than just building confidence; it's an embracing of who you are and knowing in accepting yourself, the sky is truly the limit (make sure to watch the full interview per the video below).

With a support network which includes fellow creative @Iamprs_ (Instagram), having positive people speaking life and empowerment in you is an integral part of her success. She notes, "Having someone speak into your passion and purpose truly is encouraging and empowering".

Beyond her current and future pursuits is the underlying belief and mindset of truly accepting yourself. In doing so, there's truly no telling of the productive and enriching spaces and places one's journey can take them. When it comes to the creative and professional journey of Ms. Towns, it's very clear to all to keep her on the radar in these and related fields.

It's a reminder that she and you truly belong here.


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