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Big Pokey Bear bringing it this Friday (June 19, 2020)

In our "now-normal", many are aware of the adjustments people are making in their day-to-day routines (if there's such a thing as having one). The way to conduct business to handling the to-do list is a little different, and the same extends to those in arts and entertainment.

However, just as those in this area display their creative talents on the stage and mic, on Friday, June 19th, at 8pm CST, thanks to Fiyah Entertainment (powered by CW Celebrity Productions and supported by ClarkeTV Network), creativity moves online as music and comedy fans are able to enjoy a concert from the comforts of home.

Southern Soul Music Artist Big Pokey Bear headlines a pre-Father's Day concert and comedy show with a few of his entertainment friends. The artist behind his soul and humor tinged song "My Side Piece" has artists Nadia the Prima Donna, Ms. Portia, Mr. Laid Back, and the sounds of DJ Ra D joining him to provide the soundtrack for the evening. And with the energy and humor of host (and comedian) Shady Feel Good, it's a way for the "grown folks" to kick back, relax, and enjoy your evening.

This Friday, June 19th, and there's not need to leave home (necessarily).

The event is a pay-per-view event (tickets are $5 per person). For more details on ticket purchases, readers are encouraged to visit the Fiyah Entertainment website (click HERE for more details).

Live music, comedy, and more are taking place this Friday to get the weekend off to a nice start for the mature, grown-folks audience.

And just think, you don't have to leave home!

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