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Season your sounds with a lot of Pepper (Solana) today

New York.

It's the city that never sleeps. It's a big city of dreams.

And it's the home of Pepper Solana.

Originally from Spain, the artist has a sound and growing body of work that is fit for the city and beyond. With a background in the performing arts, it's her love of music which provides the base for her inter-related creative and performing arts presence.

Growing up, she notes her father exposes her to more than just the music from her culture. In fact, she cites the legendary Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, as one of her musical influences.

It's her synergy of music, dance, fashion, and style which provide her the nudge to take her talents across the Atlantic to the Big Apple.

"Life is short; you have to be willing to try. You're never going to regret things you've tried; you'll regret things you haven't tried", she emphasizes (make sure to view the full interview for more insight on her work):

Literally within her first few weeks of being in New York City and "pounding the pavement", her energy, focus, and larger presence lands her opportunities from stage to the vibrant music scene of the city and each borough. Her respect for the craft combined with her work ethic and creativity makes her a growing presence.

With the release of her new single, Diablo (available on most streaming platforms), along with a contest designed with the "Pepperettes" (her loyal followers and fans) in mind, she is working on some invigorating music projects, tours, and more (click on the image below to listen to the song).

When it comes to music, many are looking for sounds to satisfy the ear.

For some extra seasoning, try adding a little Pepper (Solana) today (click HERE for her site and related social media).


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