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Making moves: the Atlanta Gladiators make major announcements leading up to the 2023-24 season

At times, winning moves are made during the offseason.

Based on the press conference at the Gas South District (June 6, 2023), the Atlanta Gladiators aren't taking time off during the offseason. The opening moves from yesterday are a clear sign of building on the team's tradition of fielding competitive teams committed to winning the coveted ECHL's Kelly Cup (championship), but enhancing their connectivity with their fanbase and the larger Atlanta hockey community.

After the welcome by Liam Gotimer (Director of Broadcast & Communications), Majority Owner Alex Campbell shares a few of the game-changing moves made by the team, including the following:

Brian Poile, the Assistant General Manager and Director of Operations for the Nashville Predators, echoes the sentiment of the new partnership, as it creates an opportunity to leave a larger footprint of the game of hockey in the region. Likewise, given the proximity of both cities (Nashville, TN and Metro-Atlanta), there's likely "crossover" opportunities of fans of both teams following and supporting each other.

To add to the energy and excitement, Derek Nesbitt, considered by many as "Mr. Gladiator" (whose number is retired), is elevated to head coach after spending the 2022-23 season as an assistant coach.

During our media time, all emphasize the importance of building a winning culture from top to bottom. A key component to building a winning team in a highly competitive division is continuing to embrace the team's highly loyal fanbase, and continued engagement with the hockey community, including those in the North Metro-Atlanta area.

With the start of the season quietly around the corner (their season/home opener is October 21, 2023), there's more winning moves to be made in the upcoming weeks.

Making major moves for 2023-24 consisting of new NHL and AHL partners, along with personnel moves with a commitment to building a winning and championship culture is the focus of the Atlanta Gladiators for this season and beyond.

Notes: All video is recorded by Andrew Snorton. To view the entire video playlist, click HERE.


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