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Get quality education and coaching services.

Education is the key to success.  Ranging from traditional individual tutoring for content areas (K-12), including virtual tutoring, your student can get the help they need to succeed in the classroom.  Combined with test prep for the ACT, SAT, ASVAB, and related testing, your student or group can get the hands-on instruction needed to do their best on these important tests.


Certfied since August 10, 2013, coaching, which differs from counseling, provides a resource for individuals to unlock their gifts by identifying the roadblocks in place and setting up an action/accountability plan to make it happen!

Published author and speaker.

Since 2017, being a 2-time published author is one thing.  Being selected for 12 book festivals, including serving as a panelist for multiple festivals and special events, reach out today for an engaging and empowering conversation on the topics covered and related items.

And yes, this includes serving as a guest or keynote speaker.

Get quality press and media services for your business, event, or related entity.

Press releases?  Press/media kit?  Interviews with traditional and innovative media?

Reach out to us today.  With a track record of working with key events and entities from nonprofits to entertainment, we can design an action plan for you in order to increase your branding and connectivity with your core audience.

A blog that is more than the typical.

Anyone can blog.

However, with a background as a published author and 6-year contributor to (March 2010-July 2016), articles of quality and integrity are the standard.  With submissions to different media outlets, your business or event has documentation the strengthen your standing and brand.

Test prep is a MUST

"Scores have tremendous impact on getting into the school of choice, but also may determine the ability to get financialaid and scholarships," said Colin Gruenwald, Kaplan test prep director of college administrative programs.    Read more  from the May 9, 2013  article in the Houston Chronicle.  Let us help your student  in working towards getting a stronger test score!

Why consider coaching?

Even the most successful people get help in achieving their short and long-term goals.  Let us help you to do the same!



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     Here are a few remarks and testimonials from clients of ours.  We are ready to work with you!

       Within minutes of having a conversation with Andrew, it is easy to surmise he is not only a man of impeccible character, but a steward of humanity, working tirelessly to pour into the lives of young people (and others).




— Shannika Washington from Charlotte, NC

Infinite Fortitude LLC

     My event was in its inaugural year when Andrew wrote the press release; he painted a picture of its purpose and vision better than I could communicate in public.  I look forward to working with him again; you will too if you use  services.


     Andrew is excellent in helping me improve my weaknesses and identify my strengths.  I'm grateful to have good repoire with him.  I strongly recommend his services.



— Kia Walker from Atlanta, GA

Georgia State University student


— Dre'a Lewis from Atlanta, GA

Dream of Drea

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