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Women doing the extraordinary in McLean County (IL): the Extraordinary Women Project

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

This is a phrase people may be used to seeing and reading about. However, it hits differently when its in your neck of the woods and involving people in your community, some of whom may be hidden in plain sight.

An organization which does this on a quarterly basis is the Extraordinary Women Project (click HERE to visit their website).

Each quarter, through nominations from those in Bloomington, Normal, and the greater McLean County (IL) community, their goal is to recognize women through their quiet efforts, tenacity, and ability to persevere though multiple walks of life. Ranging from family, career, community, and beyond, through their endeavors, they provide a source of motivation, inspiration, and empowerment to all in their midst.

With their next submission deadline approaching on August 15th, readers are encouraged to nominate a woman making an impact and difference based on the following key criteria (click HERE for a complete list and nomination form):

  • They must be a person who identifies as a woman.

  • They must reside in McLean County and are 18 or older.

  • They have shown resilience and sustained strength during their life journey in the face of different challenges.

  • They inspire based on what they do with little public fanfare or recognition.

There are tremendous stories of impact in the Bloomington-Normal and greater McLean County area, with a few clearly hidden in plain view. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of the Extraordinary Women Project, it's a way to get an improved sense of the women whose tireless work is about making a positive difference and impact in multiple areas of the community.

It's about ordinary people doing extraordinary things.


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