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The continued journey of Jazze Entertainment

With a solid track record in arts and entertainment, JazzyB4Real is a positive presence in the industry. She's covered a wide-range of top-notch events in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Charlotte, and other major cities across the country. Add to her presence in television and related fields, she is one of the faster rising stars and people in the industry.

Her most recent and arguably more impactful move is taking her sound and savvy skill sets as part of her business, Jazze Entertainment, to her hometown of Petersburg, VA. Her awareness of understanding the emerging yet underdeveloped audience in the city has the talent, but not necessarily the platform, her commitment to providing engaging and enriching social meeting spaces is literally the "tip of the iceberg". Her focus on being a bridge builder for those in need of marketing, promotion, media coverage, along with inviting and encouraging spaces for creatives and more across multiple audiences is one grounded in professionalism, compassion, along with a larger vision of leaving a positive footprint in the city, making it a better place to live, work, and play.

And this is what is making her current state of disconnect with her space (the building owner who houses her event space and related properties) even more perplexing.

A working relationship which initially is one of mutual respect for the work ethic and product of all involved is taking a seemingly sinister turn. Even with documentation of being in compliance of her agreement, since October 2021, repeated presentation of false and erroneous reports (including a "litany" of noise complaints where Petersburg police have no such listing or docket), attempts at intimidation, and other questionable activities, it is showing a lack of clarity and communication which draws some serious concerns of anything remotely resembling ethical or professional conduct (refer to the entire video chat below) from the building owner:

As noted, the current state of affairs is one of concern not just for her business, but seemingly for any business which is differentiated by gender, ethnic background, and additional "non-mainstream" tendencies. The unfortunate chain of events stems from what is first reported and discussed in early November (please scroll to the 24 minute mark to watch the entire segment/interview):

Being innovative and creative can reap positive results for one's clients, but even bigger are the potential gains for the community. Being a welcoming space for an emerging business environment and more, a renewed focus and commitment on growth, positive engagement, and larger community connectivity are just a few of the benefits of having a genuine dialogue compared to what is unfortunately being brought to light in this situation.

Be it in Petersburg, VA or beyond, one thing is clear: Jazze Entertainment continues with their journey.

Now is an opportunity to do something different: in grasping the potential of simply talking with, listening to, and working collaboratively instead of in conflict, there's an opportunity to provide Petersburg, VA and the interlocking areas enriching opportunities to an emerging audience.

It's another step in the journey to help others get their dreams booked instead of having them overlooked.


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