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Saturdays with the Georgia Spartans: DeKalb Art at the Park

It's August. It's the peak of the summer weather and otherwise.

And when it comes to the Georgia Spartans, it's another community engagement opportunity during their offseason to provide sound community events and more. In this case, it's keeping the 21 and older audience in mind, especially when some may need a "come up for air" opportunity before the Labor Day holiday weekend.

On Saturday, August 14th, from 6-9pm (at Exchange International Park located at 2771 Columbia Drive in Decatur, GA), the DeKalb Art at the Park is a "can't miss" event. With a wide array of art exhibits across multiple genres and themes, graffiti artists, live music, and multiple vendors and giveaways, it provides an amazing setting and atmosphere for a late Saturday afternoon/evening event.

With the presence of sponsors including (but not limited to) Don Julio. Moskato Life, and the DeKalb County RPCA, and you have the makings of an event full of the arts, music, and more. Tastings of the aforementioned are available for those 21 and older; likewise, the engaging Tommi Cole is among the artists and others scheduled to perform for the event lineup.

For additional information, readers are encouraged to email them at

It's a summer weekend/Saturday.

It's about the arts.

It's something for the 21 and older audience.

It's DeKalb Art at the Park by the Georgia Spartans, a great way to spend your Saturday.


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