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Put your shoes on and vote: Riverside Epicenter rally for Raphael Warnock

Sunday, December 20th, is more than the last day of fall; it's an afternoon that is part concert, but all about voter and larger community engagement.

The Riverside Epicenter (in Austell, GA) is the "centerpiece" (2nd of 3 stops) of the day for candidate for US Senate, Raphael Warnock (as he has stops in Macon, GA and Duluth, GA). With early voting underway (as of December 14th) for the runoff between him and Republican candidate Kelly Loeffler, he continues to forge ahead in connecting with voters across the state. His platform which includes (but is not limited to) education, healthcare, infrastructure, along with jobs and the economy (click HERE to learn more), allows him to engage with audiences across the state (and beyond).

The day's "drive-in" style event opens with words from Monique Sheffield (Cobb County Commissioner-District 4), as she sets the tone for the day's events (click HERE to listen to her welcome). Jerica Richardson, the District 2 Commissioner (Cobb County) follows with a call to mobilize voters to the polls, but for the larger mobilization and balance needed for a more workable and functional government (click HERE to listen to her remarks).

After performances by artists Jaye Newton (click HERE to view) and Kelechi (click HERE to view), Erica Thomas (Georgia House of Representatives District 39 Representative) is among those reminding attendees the importance of the runoff election (click HERE to listen to her remarks). If Warnock and fellow candidate Jon Ossoff win the runoffs, it creates a 50/50 split in the Senate (for the Democratic Party). Combined with their majority in the House of Representatives, it would provide a pathway for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President elect Kamala Harris to put their platform in action.

After another artist performance, Warnock addresses the audience.

His nearly 20 minute conversation resonates with those in attendance, as he outlines his platform (click HERE to learn more). To provide a point of reference, the lessons learned as a product of public housing to his community advocacy, help frame his message under the mindset of "Put on your shoes and vote".

Artist Brian McKnight follows with a 2-song set to get the energy going (click HERE to watch and listen), and to close out the event, Common's set is part music and all message. Reminding the audience of important issues and the larger call to action, he closes the event with his song "Glory" (from the movie Selma).

Part concert and making people feel a part of the larger process is the focus of the event. And all about learning more about the proactive platform of candidate for US Senate, Raphael Warnock.

Before you stroll to the polls, put on your shoes and vote.

Photos and video produced by Andrew Snorton:

Grid 1: Raphael Warnock speaks with the audience along with a snapshot of the audience (black and white photo).

Grid 2: Speakers and artists engaging with the audience include Cobb County Commissioners Monique Sheffield and Jerica Richardson (top row from left to right), Jaye Newton and Kelichi (2nd row from the top from left to right), another speaker with Erica Thomas (3rd row from the top from left to right), and additional artists (bottom row).

Video of Raphael Warnock's address.

Grid 3: Raphael Warnock (top row from left to right), Warnock and Brian McKnight (middle row from left to right), and Common (bottom row).

Video of Common performing "Glory".


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