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Planning a vacation in 30 minutes or less? Connect with ASP Consulting/Vacation Pro today!

Let's take a vacation.

Many have heard this simply yet powerful sentence. Whenever there's an opportunity to kick up your heels and go "wheels up", the opportunity to rest, relax, and rejuvenate comes to mind.

However, planning, budgeting, and researching at times can be overwhelming and for some people, they may have to take a vacation from planning their vacation.

And this is where the access to resources, consultation, and new release (book) from Lynn Ludaway can come into play.

The Atlanta-native and now Chicago-based professional (with advanced degrees in law and finance) is the owner/leader of ASP Consulting, and among the company's focus areas is travel (click HERE to visit the travel site). Given her personal expertise which includes (but not limited to) extensive travel within the US (via her early involvement with sports, dance, and related events), as well as outside of the US (including study-abroad experience in Asia and Europe), she's evolved from being the "go-to" for family and friends to being a sound resource for those needed insight on the "how to's" of travel.

Her new book/release How to Plan Your Vacation in 30 Minutes or Less (currently available on Amazon) is a reader-friendly workbook (27 pages) which helps address key questions and focus areas including (but not limited to) the following items:

  • Goal setting.

  • Being efficient when it comes to travel.

  • Identifying barriers to travel.

  • Knowing your budget.

  • Identifying improved pathways to travel.

During our conversation, a key underlying theme is being open to doing things differently and/or in moderation so it allows you to experience "a whole new world"; be it local, regional, national, or international travel, there are improved ways for you to partake of enriching and engaging experiences; by making the goal the focus, it can drive other variables (i.e. budget and related items) to be in better alignment and improved experiences (you may watch the full interview/chat as follows):

Combined with online resources (a budget/travel calculator) along with forthcoming books/readers as part of the larger series, the content continues to grow along with people's travel interests. With providing additional depth and details on budget and other essential topics, providing present and future travelers.

Clearly, it's possible to get up and get out there, let alone enjoy sound and enriching travel experiences.

It's time to get up and go.

Notes: For additional information, you may add their Instagram (click HERE); when you visit the website (click HERE), you'll find out about their YouTube and related online resources. Likewise, you may email Ms Ludaway (at for additional consultation and related services.


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