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May 28th: the return of Art at the Park DeKalb via the Georgia Spartans

On the basketball court, the Georgia Spartans are known for their winning ways (including their current semi-pro basketball season as they are undefeated). The same goes for their running tradition of community and cultural events.

Building on 2021's highly successful and engaging DeKalb Art at the Park series, they are bringing it back in full force.

Just in time for the Memorial Day holiday (May 28th from 6-9pm EST at Exchange Park located at 2771 Columbia Drive in Decatur, GA), it provides a good way to enjoy the holiday and more. Led by team owner Jerrell Shearin, there's truly something for everyone.

It is free to attend.

The evening consists of multiple vendors across art and other fields, along with music/dance performances and other creatives. For those who are looking for a break from the grill, there are food vendors (yes, even barbeque) for a wide range of appetites. And for the 21 and older audience, there's wine tasting to partake of and enjoy (responsibly).

There are still vendor spaces available (ranging from $40-$100). Likewise, there's spaces available for those who would like to volunteer (email them at for more details as well as visit the Eventbrite listing).

As Shearin notes, "It's about providing accessible ways for people to get out and enjoy themselves. We understand some people may be going through some challenges. We're thankful for the support we receive so we may do these kinds of events so adults, kids, and the community can enjoy a day (or night) out".

There's more than one way to win a game. From the court to the community, the Georgia Spartans, including through the creative and innovative arts, are doing so and then some.

And on May 28th, the community is invited to return to the DeKalb Art at the Park.


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