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Major moves in educating, uplifting, and empowering: the award winning Melanated Pearl, Corp

Since setting roots in Clayton County (GA), Melanated Pearl Corp (click HERE to visit their website) is sincerely dedicated and focused on community uplift and outreach. Ranging from programs for youth (click HERE for our previous article) to adults and families, their mission is to educate, uplift, and empower women, with a particular emphasis on Black women; "Passionate Engaged Activists, Resisting Limitations" is the their creed which provides the driving force in heeding the community call to action.

In speaking with Ms. Crystal Perry (the nonprofit founder), the innate energy she exudes is ever present throughout the foundation. Doing so facilitates the process in providing access to resources focused on not only keeping families together, but their empowerment. Through strategic programs including The Oyster Shell and Mother of Pearl (click HERE to learn more), their engagement and outreach encompasses financial literacy, essential employability skills, housing, and health and wellness.

On top of the dedicated work taking place, multiple entities are taking notice of their endeavors.

Via the inaugural edition of the Anthem Awards (click HERE to visit their website), the nonprofit is named as a Best Humanitarian Action and Services Leader of the Year. The awards are launched in response to the increase in the presence of social good, service, and outreach, especially in recent years (including the "now-normal" given the pandemic); nearly 2500 entries from 36 countries are collected in the initial (2022) edition of awards, and with a portion of the program revenue being utilized to provide grants and related support opportunities to support said organizations, it provides a means to further augment the foundation's community presence.

With a slate of yet-to-be released endeavors (details are forthcoming for the spring of 2022), Melanated Pearl Corporation maintains their resolve in community and family empowerment.

They are truly making major moves.


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