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It's time: Tiara Mays and her campaign for Johnston (IA) School Board

When you hear the phrase "It's time", it can mean different things to different people. For some, it could be time to start or stop some sort of activity or project. For others, it could mean it's time to depart to it's time to get ready.

During the election season in Johnston, IA (one of the suburbs of Des Moines, IA), it's definitely time. With a growing level of diversity based on ethnic background and other attributes, being in tune with a changing time and audience is a priority. A blend of professional, community, and personal experience, specifically taking the best of what is done and seeing how it can lend favorably to identifying policy to help students, parents, faculty, staff, and administration is at the forefront of any candidate for any school board.

Clearly, it's time for Tiara Mays (click HERE to visit her website).

The Iowa State University alumna (along with having her MBA from Purdue University Global) brings a sound presence starting with her family investment (having children in the school system, including one who lives with autism). Just from her experience in navigating through the search for access to services and resources gives her the acumen and understanding of how this dynamic can be a hurdle for just about any parent to clear.

Her community investment includes (but is not limited to) her board membership with the Red Cross of Central Iowa along with the nonprofit Investing in my Future, Inc, and with her presence as an advisor for the university (undergraduate) chapter of her sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., seeing how educational access to resources along with best practices (K-12) can help provide students of multiple backgrounds the foundation to pursue post-high school opportunities, including the 4-year, 2-year, trade school, and related experience.

During our video chat, it's evident her campaign platform is centered on priorities of curriculum evaluation, equal access to educational resources, along with family involvement and parental empowerment.

And it's not just a motto or slogan.

It's grounded in her ever-growing experience along with identification of key themes to better equip and empower students from both emerging and traditional audiences.

As November 2nd is right around the corner (in addition to limited early voting), being acquainted with candidates whose focus, drive, and purpose is about broadening the ability for community outreach and growth, including policy which directly and indirectly impacts an entire community is key. In focusing on working together to drive change and support the dreams of the next generation, there's no need for delay.

The time is now, and clearly, it's time for Tiara Mays.

Notes: In addition to visiting her website, you may visit @tiaraforjohnston on Facebook, Instagram, and related social media platforms.


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