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Giving flowers and planting positive seeds: the 6th issue cover reveal event by LUL Magazine

On Saturday, November 5th, we're able to serve as one of the media outlets to cover a special event (and part of their larger series) presented by Let Us Live Magazine. Under the theme of "giving people their flowers", it is the magazine's 6th issue and cover reveal showcasing the impact of content creators across a wide array of fields.

The intimate affair at Atlanta Virtual Studios provides an ideal setting for the affair, setting a sound tone for the red carpet and related networking. Hosted by Sickflo and complimented by the sounds of DJ Greg Nyce along with performances by the Fyre Nation Crew and Lion's Den, an added feature is having Kroy Korn among the vendors to help create an enriching setting allowing for all to connect and embrace the importance of the event.

The highlight of the evening is not only revealing the cover and 6th issue, but accentuating the impact of the content creators profiled in the magazine.

Kami Simmons, Robiiiworld, and Lick My Fashion are among those who are growing and major presences in their respective areas of content creation. Cutting across press and media, networking, and fashion/style, their attendance includes being part of an insightful panel providing a better understanding of the work they do and the impact they are committed to given their focus areas and platforms.

Others who are profiled in the upcoming issue (but unable to attend) include The Conscious Lee, Mariburelle and BMF Cash.

With other projects in the works, the team behind Let Us Live Magazine is making an impact in media and beyond.

Even bigger is understanding the importance and relevance of giving people their flowers.

Notes: all video and event photography is recorded by Andrew Snorton; the images from the second photo grid are compliments of Let Us Live Magazine.

Video keys:

  1. The first video is our interview with the CEO of Let Us Live Magazine, Devionte).

  2. The second video is our interview with Kami Simmons (one of the content creators highlighted in the 6th issue of the magazine).

  3. The third video is our interview with Robiiworld (another of the content creators highlighted in the magazine).

  4. The fourth video captures part of the panel discussion with Kami Simmons, Robiiiworld, and Lick My Fashion (the content creators featured in the magazine).

  5. The fifth video provides a snapshot of words from the CEO of Let Us Live Magazine.

  6. The sixth video is a capture of the red carpet and start of the event.

Please visit the full playlist for this event on our YouTube channel (click HERE to view).

Photo keys:

  1. The first photo grid (top row left to right) features the LUL Magazine team and creatives (2nd from the left) Robiiiworld, Kami Simmons, and Lick My Fashion along with the CEO of LUL Magazine, Devionte. The second row includes content creators Kami Simmons and Robiiiworld. The third row features Lick My Fashion and the leadership team of LUL Magazine. The bottom row includes all three creatives (Robiiworld, Kami Simmons, and Lick My Fashion) along with a snapshot of the Fyre Nation Crew.

  2. The second photo grid/slideshow includes (in order) a cover featuring Robiiiworld, Kami Simmons, and Lick My Fashion, Mariburelle, The Conscious Lee, and BMF Cash,


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