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From minor to major: an engaging author's talk on "nothing Minor", baseball, and beyond

On Saturday, January 27th (2024), the author (Andrew Snorton) hosts his first event of 2024.

It's more than just a standard book signing. The author talk held at the intimate and engaging setting at The BookHouse (120 Reynolda Village in Winston-Salem, NC) nestled in Reynolda Village provides all with a timely environment to discuss his featured book, nothing Minor, along with compelling topics ranging from baseball, sports journalism, and upcoming projects.

Complimented with a good cup of coffee (and mimosas for those who are 21 and older), along with a welcome from the owner and staff, the talk is moderated by Reasha of My Rainbow is Here.

The in-depth and invigorating moderated talk provides a "behind-the-scenes" look at the featured book, which focuses on the author's coverage of minor league baseball in the Southeastern United States. Along with game recaps and player interviews, he delves into a little history by sharing the impact of the Birmingham, AL based Negro Southern League Museum to provide an accessible look at the game of baseball.

Along with the moderator commentary, the audience provides some sound questions ranging from his other books, possible upcoming/future work, and overlapping areas including the press/media coverage conducted.

And of course, those in attendance are able to support the author and the venue by picking up an autographed/signed copy of his book (and the bookstore has pre-signed copies available).

Any time readers and authors connect, it is a good thing. To share and exchange about the writing process in general, let alone for a book, provides a tremendous point of reference and insight on the overall process.

And for those in attendance Saturday, both reader and author draw deeper connections with the current and future work, let alone the special joy that comes from reading.

And making the move from nothing Minor to something major.

Notes: Photos and video are recorded by Candice Burris and Karen Chapman. You may connect with the author via his Linktree (click HERE) for his website, social media, and related information.

For the complete video playlist, you may watch and subscribe to the author's YouTube channel (click HERE for more details).


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