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Candid Conversations: a much needed series via New Mercies Christian Church

Can we talk for minute (or longer)? And no, we are not referencing the Tevin Campbell classic from the mid 1990's.

Mental health and wellness are areas of concern; during the Covid era, some would say the public health challenge is more apparent. With the veil lifted, more aware seeing people focus on clearing health hurdles, including the by-product of stress, depression, even suicide.

One observation of the church community is a perceived reluctance to speak to these real-life issues. While few question the power of prayer, in noting the phrase "faith without works is dead", some would say there's been a blind eye and deaf ear to health and wellness in the faith community.

However, at New Mercies Christian Church, this is far from the case.

On the last/4th Wednesday of each month, the Candid Conversation series is just that. It's more than a forum to speak to interrelated mental health and wellness concerns, but a way for the community to be constructively engaged and provide access to resources to provide help to those in need.

During our chat with the Senior Director for Pastoral Services, Vaughn Sanders, and licensed counselor Dr. Vaughn Gay, it's an eye-opener to not only what is taking place within this ministry, but seeing how this can be a bridge to those who truly need some help (make sure to watch the complete talk/video below):

Both note the uptick since 2020 for those across gender and generations regarding the struggles taking place. With numerous instances of stress, communication disconnects, or even suicide (and not just among young people), there are some serious concerns at hand. Compounded with socialization fragmentation (i.e. transitioning back and forth from the virtual to the traditional setting for school or work), to say there's a lot going on is an understatement.

This Wednesday's edition (April 27th at 7pm EST) is open to the public in-person as well as online (click HERE for additional details). With an upcoming lineup including moderator Greg Gray, Dr. Vaughn Gay, Pastor Lee Robbins, and LeAnne "LeLe" Lyons (one of the founding members of the group SWV), it promises to leave a positive impact which meets people where they are, let alone sharing what people have been led through (or going through) in order to understand how they got here.

Despite the struggles and storms we all go through, with timely access to resources along with encouragement and hope, from leadership to everyday people, all can provide ways to address mental health areas of concern.

When reminder of who you are and whose you are, along with access to better practice which can help just about anyone, the potential to have a positive turnaround increases. Thanks to the efforts of the Candid Conversation series, the doors are open and there's a welcoming and empowering space there via faith, social sciences/counseling, and greater support.

A proactive program with proactive people at a proactive space (available in-person, as well as the church's Facebook Live/Watch and YouTube channels).

It's a much needed conversation.


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