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An opening: the current and future efforts of Congresswoman Carolyn Bourdeaux (GA-7)

On a clear, sunny Sunday afternoon (February 6, 2022) in Duluth, GA, a group of people from a myriad of walks of life come together. It's an opportunity to meet, greet, and connect with each other, as well as reflect on what is taking place, then look to what's on the horizon.

Since her election in the 2020 election cycle, Congresswoman Carolyn Bourdeax (GA-7) has a steady presence with multiple demographics in her district (which includes parts of Gwinnett, North Fulton, and Forsyth Counties). Coming off her press conference (on January 31, 2022) where $25 million from the American Rescue Plan is secured for the expansion of the community-focused services via the OneStop Shop (click HERE to read the article), her conversation at her newly opened office does more than cover the work she's doing.

It also previews the work she's prepared to do leading into May 24, 2022 as she runs for re-election.

During her 15 minute conversation, she provides those in attendance her backstory of running for public office. Combined with her focus, persistence, and perseverance, there are a number of hurdles which have to be cleared; however, thanks to the community-building efforts done in her district (including the 2020 Democratic Party primaries in which 85,000 people voted - of that number, more than 50% had never voted in a Democratic Party primary before - to watch her complete remarks, please view the video link below):

Congresswoman Bourdeax also provides context of the work done since entering office in January 2021. With efforts including passing the American Rescue Plan, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, and multiple bills (a number of which have cleared the House, but are stuck in the Senate), even with the backdrop of Covid, the insurrection, and efforts by the Republican Party (ranging from spending $5 million in attack ads to the November 2021 redistricting of the districts), her focus is on running again and serving the residents of the 7th District.

She emphasizes, "I live in Gwinnett... I've run 5 campaigns in Gwinnett. I'm the incumbent Congresswoman from Gwinnett. I am deeply invested in this community and what it represents. As the Congresswoman from this district, I wake up every morning thinking about how I can better help the people of this community".

With areas of concern including voting rights, health, infrastructure, the Abandoned Malls Bill (inspired by her drive past Gwinnett Place Mall), and related economic issues (among others), there's work being done along with work to be done. As she notes, it's about coming together instead of splintering apart.

Today's office opening and press conference is more than just getting people together, let alone reviewing and highlighting what is being done and what is on the horizon.

It's about getting back to the essentials of public service as Congresswoman Carolyn Bourdeaux is asking for your vote for the 7th Congressional District (GA-7).

Notes: All video is recorded by Andrew Snorton; this includes the full speech/remarks, snapshot of Congresswoman Bourdeaux speaking with the audience, and her recap with us.

The first 2 rows of the photo-grid are photographed by EmoryRose Photogrphy (click HERE to visit their website). The first photo of the bottom row of the photo-grid is photographed by EmoryRose Photography (click HERE to visit their Instgram) and the last 2 are photographed by Andrew Snorton.


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