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An author's October: time with Author Andrew Snorton


This is arguably when autumn starts hitting its full stride. The leaves turn to deeper hues of auburn and other vibrant colors as certain plant life prepares to go dormant. Sports such as baseball are in prime time (i.e. the post-season), others show separation between good and great (pro and college football), and the action on the court and ice rinks (basketball and hockey) come into play.

And then there's the continued presence of our writing community, including a 2021 nominee for Author of the Year (by the Atlanta based Black Only Awards - click HERE to vote for Author Andrew Snorton)..

Since closing out September with a visit to Leo High School and an appearance on the Drive at 5 with Roman Morrow (via Intellectual Radio: click HERE to catch the interview), he's having an active month. There's the interviews with additional outlets (click HERE for his interview via Memphis Voyager), and with recent events including Art-Ober (hosted by Jazze Entertainment (click HERE to visit their site) and 1820hats (click HERE to visit their site) - for the recap, click HERE) along with the ongoing series hosted by the Georgia Spartans (click HERE to learn more), DeKalb Art in the Park, it's a good way for readers and more to get connected.

And yes, there's more.

On Thursday, October 21st, he provides the keynote prayer and initial presentation for the Greater Greensboro Black Chamber of Commerce's virtual roundtable, as its focus on the role of finances regarding the larger issue of domestic violence (October is Domestic Violence Month) helps explain why some may feel like they are "stuck" in these kinds of scenarios (click HERE to watch the full live chat). This weekend, he'll have 2 engagement opportunities with readers and listeners;; on Saturday, October 23rd (from 11am-12:30pm EST at Wynn Legacy II located at 1814 Washington Road in East Point, GA), he hosts his #Audioonly series. With a focus on the audiobook series The Author's Mixtape (there are 5 volumes), it allows those in attendance as well as virtually (it will be streamed via his Facebook page Author Andrew Snorton - click HERE to add the page) to partake of an audiobook experience like none other. All of the tracks are done straight from the dome/freestyle, so all of the writing and recording is done in studio and in one take. Add the presence of guest (for Volume 4) and featured artist/author (for Volume 5) Kris10 (click HERE to find out more), and it adds to the audio enrichment complete with music, spoken word, and more (all editions are available on Tidal, Spotify, Soundcloud, Itunes, Apple Music, Shazam, Deezer, Amazon, and others via 3rd Level EMG and Canis Major Digital - click HERE to learn more about 3rd Level EMG and HERE for Canis Major Digital).

On Sunday, October 24th (from 2-4pm CST) at the Family Den Lounge (8942 S Stony Island Ave), he makes a return visit to Chicago as part of the Sunday Funday series hosted by Devo Entertainment (click HERE to learn more). Those in attendance are able to pick up a copy of any of the author's books (nothing Minor, 9 stories of faith: volume 1, and Deeper than your deepest sleep: thoughts on love with Joseph Snorton) and get them autographed/personalized (in addition to downloading The Author's Mixtape audiobook series and meeting/greeting with him). It's part of his visit in the Windy City which includes him speaking for a private event later that evening (of course, we'll keep that under wraps until another time).

And then there's an event for October 30th (details are pending), let alone some more interviews and related projects on the horizon (click HERE to visit his site).

Be it a signing, special event, or community give-back (as there are a few in the works), writing is just part of what takes place when it comes to the author.

Keep pace and stay tuned.

Writer's notes (photo keys):

First photo grid (credits): Ivy Michelle Cashmere, Kris10 Media, Drive at 5 with Roman/Intellectual Radio, and Andrew Snorton.

Second photo grid (credits): Andrew Snorton, Greater Greensboro Black Chamber of Commerce, and Kris10 Media.


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