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A solid start to the semi-pro season: the Georgia Spartans stop the Black Ice Warriors 111-102

It's basketball semi-pro style. As part of the United Men's Basketall League (click HERE to find out more), the Georgia Spartans (click HERE to find out more) enter their 10th season of fielding competitive teams in an accessible and engaging style. Ushering in the 2021 season (on March 6, 2021), the team looks to build on their sound reputation against the Black Ice Warriors.

Prior to the game, power forward Charles Mitchell takes time to speak with us. As expected, he not only expresses an excitement and passion for the game (and start of the season), but looks forward to building off his experience and passion for the game to enhance his individual skills and add to the team's chemistry for a successful season.

As for the game play, the Spartans dominate the first half. With a solid array of sharing the basketball and working their inside-outside game, they have a lead as large as 12 points. With a 60-50 lead at the half, it appears they'll be able to simply go with the flow for a winnable game.

However, this is basketball. This means teams make runs.

In the 3rd quarter (start of the 2nd half), the Black Ice Warriors do just that. By the 5:11 mark of the 3rd quarter, their 18-7 run gives them the lead (68-67). With taking a lead as large as 8 points during the quarter, they seem to be in a rhythm to run away with the game.

And then the 4th quarter comes.

With a renewed energy and focus, the Spartans get back in the swing of things. By the 8:31 mark of the quarter, they are able to tie the game at 83. From that point of the game, they retake control in closing out with a 29-19 advantage to seal the deal, as they win the game by a 9 point margin (111-102).

Sounds efforts by team leaders Tony Brown (the team's point guard contributes 11 points), all-time leading scorer Parysh Munroe (16 points), and an explosive effort by S. Blozier (32 points), the Spartans overcome a game effort by the Black Ice Warriors, as Darrell Waters (19 points) and Brent Jennings (18 points) are among those who pace the team's offense.

With the added "flavor" provided by DJ WyldChyld (as he provides the soundtrack for the Saturday afternoon games), an accessible tickets (as prices start at $10), enthusiastic dance teams, live performances, and more, it's a great way for fans of the game to enjoy the experience, as well as connect with the players. And when a team comes out on top, it's the figurative "icing on the cake".

And today, the Spartans didn't stop. They are merely getting started.

Photo notes/key (photos and video by Andrew Snorton):

  1. Top row/left: first half action (Charles Mitchell of the Georgia Spartans is in the forefront).

  2. Top row/center: the Georgia Spartans' team and coaching staff are focused.

  3. Top row/right: the Georgia Spartans set their offense.

  4. First row from the top/left: the Black Ice Warriors regroup. After being down by 12 points in the first half, they have up to an 8 point advantage in the 3rd quarter.

  5. First row from the top/center: a quick pause for free-throws.

  6. First row from the top/right: the Black Ice Warriors plan their comeback.

  7. First row from the bottom/left: the Spartans at the free-throw line.

  8. First row from the bottom/center 2nd half action; the Black Ice Warriors battle back to take an 8 point lead after being down by as many as 12 in the 1st half.

  9. First row from the bottom/right: focus at the free-throw line by the Georgia Spartans.

  10. Bottom row/left: the Georgia Spartans' Charles Mitchell takes time to take one for the camera after our pre-game interview.

  11. Bottom row/center: a great way to enjoy the sport is covering it on the court.

  12. Bottom row/right: a big throw-down by the Georgia Spartans as they win their season opener 111-102.


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