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A moving melody: the Inaugural Bill Clark Music Memorial Scholarship via A Peer's Place

When a positive idea takes on a positive realization, that can be a good, if not great thing.

When it's community-centered along with celebrating things which can enrich a community, it makes it greater than worthwhile. Such activity has the potential for leaving a lasting impact in the immediate and surrounding community.

And that is exactly what A Peer Place is all about.

Under the leadership of Krisann Clark, it's an early realization to simply do something, but making sure that something is constructive and aligned with providing access to resources for youth and adults. Given her experience teaching at the Children's Defense Fund Freedom School, her work with enrichment and engagement programs for young people in grades 6-12 lead her to establish A Peer Place. Given programming during the academic year and summer, the emphasis on literacy and cultural enrichment for students, along with parent and developmental programming via the lenses of reading, writing, public speaking, listening, viewing, along with critical thinking and reasoning, it is truly about being a positive presence in the greater community.

On Saturday, October 28th (2023), Ms. Clark's vision is expanding as not only is it providing another level of educational support, but a way to enhance the legacy of her late husband, Mr. Bill Clark (you may watch the video below for the essential information on the event):

From 6-10pm at the Encore Film and Music Studio (3398 Shirley Drive in Atlanta, GA), the Inaugural Bill Clark Music Memorial Scholarship Fund (click HERE to visit their Eventbrite for ticket/sponsor packages) is the evolution of providing educational resources. The Ohio-raised and Atlanta-based artist has an extensive track record and accolades in music, ranging from (but not limited to) being a recipient of the Pinnacle Achievement Award and the John Phillip Souza Award, his professional catalog of performances in the US, Mexico, Japan, and Indonesia (among other countries) and his work with and alongside artists across R and B and Jazz (including the SOS Band) garner respect within the music community. Driven by an acumen and creative spirit to inspire his peers, his larger focus of instilling a want and desire to do well in school, including an immersion in music and the creative arts, his hope is for all do well in life personally, professionally, and in the community.

And the upcoming event is another step in not only preserving his legacy, but helping build one with a new generation of students who are music and creative arts driven.

The centerpiece of the after-7/black and white attire affair is the live auction. Hosted by renowned auctioneer TiWanna "TK" Kenney of the Austin, TX based Astounding Auctions and Fundraising Strategies, patrons have the opportunity to bid live on a wide array of items. In fact, there are opportunities to lend support and heed the call for items to be donated (in-kind) for the silent auction (to learn more about the items needed, please watch the video below):

Complimented by networking and live music, the festive, intimate affair is focused on raising funds to support the scholarship program. Opportunities for Georgia HS students as well as providing music resource support for Mr. Clark's high school alma mater are the initial focus areas of the scholarship program.

Ideas provide the creative energy and synergy for putting things together and making positive things happen. Thanks to the leadership of Ms. Clark, along with the focus of her committed team, connecting today can be the bridge to make a positive impact tomorrow (you may watch the video below):

October 28, 2023 is the arrival of seeing and realizing education and music come together for a greater cause; the community is encouraged to do so accordingly.

Notes: There are a limited amount of early bird tickets available, so readers are encouraged to visit the Eventbrite (click HERE) for more details. Likewise, sponsor packages are available from $250-$2500 (information is available on the Eventbrite link). For further details (including in-kind donations for the silent auction), you may email or call 678-632-6715.

Likewise, you may view the complete playlist on our YouTube Channel (subscribe today) for the event by clicking HERE.


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