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A call to action in Kennesaw

Finding your voice.

Being informed. Being engaged.

In recent days, there is an increase in public awareness and responses to social and related issues. Voicing serious concerns with the disconnects that are being uncovered on a more frequent basis, there is a growing need to better address and problem-solve.

To some, the issues presented are akin to a branch on a tree, as it represents deeper rooted social problems.

And on Friday, June 5th, from 10am to to 7pm, a group of concerned citizens is taking a stand to draw more awareness and engagement to said areas of concern.

Taking place in downtown Kennesaw (2879 N Main St in Kennesaw, GA) at Wildman Dent Myers, a student-centered group is taking a stand and asking the larger community to heed the call for community engagement. Under the mantra of "They Won't Leave, so We Won't Either", an organized protest and program is taking place.

"The main reason why we are doing this is to teach people to be politically aware. When people realize and utilize the power present in the form of voting (and other means), we can focus on putting decision-makers in place who can focus on our community, including problems like the ones perpetuated by this venue", note Josiah Roebuck and Adam Ashley, the event organizers.

Wildman's is a business that has Confederate and KKK-related memorabilia as an extensive part of its inventory. Under the labeling of "preserving history", items including daggers, white-power novels, media with titles including "N#$ger Hatin' Me", uniforms, and mannequins outfitted with Klan robes, it is contradictory to any sort of of community building given the racist (and more) issues that are clearly present. Combined with the city's embracing of such material, tomorrow's programming is a call to action to not only voice concerns, but with a focused action plan,, commit to taking steps aligned with improved engagement.

"This is a protest that has to take place. We need to have these (along with related events and programs) to show people the importance of voting. By staying as informed and engaged as possible, people position themselves to better vote for those with not just their best interests in mind, but that of the larger community", they emphasize.

With a scheduled agenda including words from the Kennesaw police, moments of silence and reflection, voter awareness, and other components (including speakers), it is a wide-reaching means for delivering a message and larger call to the community.

Making changes for the better is not always an easy process, but one that has to take place. Given the needs of the day, this is another way for people to make positive and proactive steps to get involved and make a positive difference.

Now is the time.

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