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Unity with an international style: the International Atlanta Unity Day

Some may recall the early 90's hip-hop track by Queen Latifah titled "U.N.I.T.Y.", as it's a call for the larger community to come together for the greater good and more positive outcomes. This is still a call that people are taking on, and this Saturday, November 16th, from 10am to 4pm at the AEI Startup Factory (7310 Stonecrest Concourse in Lithonia/Stonecrest, GA), an event is taking place to not only bring together the immediate community, but those from the international community, film, authors, and more.

Thanks to the vision of Denise Powell as well as the team of Kristen Kinder, Brianna Williams, Virginia Holland-Davis, and Andrew Snorton, an impressive collection of more than 40 vendors are coming together to provide an outstanding experience with a wide array of food, music, a mechanical bull, and more. Business and community entities including (but not limited to) Stonecrest Toyota, Snapple, Ciel Blue, Country Financial, Desta, Lanier Parking Solutions, Fabrock, DP Global Media, and Regal Gourmet, are making their presence felt for this event.

As impressive as the festival portion (which is free and open to the public) is, there's more.

To enhance the mind, body, and soul, there is a guided meditation and sound vibration session (via Surayya Abdul-Mateen) scheduled for the mid-morning, along with an official entrance representing the nationalities (and flags) for the "parade of colors". Scheduled dignitaries sharing words of welcome include inister Nikki Davis, Matt Hampton (from the AEI Startup Factory), Solange Walker (from the World Chamber of Commerce), Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson (DeKalb County), Able Mable Thomas (GA-State Representative), Congressman Hank Johnson, Dr. Joyce Morley (DeKalb County School Board), and Mayor Jason Lary (from the city of Stonecrest). Scheduled acts and artists include performances from and African Drum and dance team, Kingsy (Spanish Afro-Beats), Nella Joi, a Vietnamese dance team, Jeff Taylor (vocalist and guitarist), Scan Johnson (hip-hop artist), Gee Gee Holmes (Zumba instructor), Patrick to Poet (spoken word artist), as well as words from each of the vendors.

The author's roundtable and short film festival are two of the ticketed events audiences can enjoy. Featured authors/panelists include Denise Powell, Chanel Martin, RC Marshall, Dr. Sinclair Grey, and Andrew Snorton, as their focus on writing, publishing, and more are designed to encourage and equip future authors and current authors of their experiences with the larger writing and publishing processes. The short film festival features celebrity judges from the show "Ambitions", as Erica Page (actress) and Jamey Giddens (the executive producer) lend their insight and expertise to aspiring and current filmmakers.

Additional workshops include conversations on living abroad/overseas (featuring Kingsy and Tim Burroughs) along with global education and cross-cultural communication (with the Fulbright Group of AIRHD).

Tickets are available for the workshops/seminars (click HERE to make your purchase and related details).

Again, bringing audiences from diverse demographics and more is the focus on International Atlanta Unity Day. It's shaping up to be a great way to spend a part of the day and being better connected and community engaged.

That's U.N.I.T.Y.

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