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Creatives continuing to be collaborative: know the CLOTH and beyond

Back on August 24th, the creative concept know the CLOTH is launched.

Under the direction of Charla Ruschelle (fashion designer/shop owner of Hazel Eyes Fashion House and Company LLC), the launch is sincerely focused on bringing the creative community together to expand the marketplace. Including (but not limited to) fashion creatives, arts, culinary, and other inter-related fields, it is a sharing and exchanging of creative best practices, collaboration, and other areas to help said entities grow, but to expand their reach to foster future creatives (click HERE to refer to the advance article).

The blend of brunch and business is a sure-fire hit. One of the key underlying themes of the event is fostering broader community relationships, ranging from mentoring and relative cultivating experiences to help set the stage for future creatives and collectives.

And such an event is literally on the horizon.

On September 28th, a fall workshop is taking place. It is designed for kids for them to explore their creative side, in part to encourage their development and self-esteem. With a 30 year track record of sewing and design experience, the fashion designer and former art teacher is providing a truly innovative outlet grounded in enhancement of student fun and creativity.

To register, readers are encouraged to visit the event site/link to reserve their space (click HERE for more details).

Know the CLOTH is the first step in having creatives become more embedded in the business community and greater community. The upcoming workshop, a parents' "day off alert", is another way in which current and future creative minds can hone their skills and talents.

Be in "the know" on September 28th.

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