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Legacy building, as well as fighting and living for something greater: #2TheLeftPlay

When I note a direction to go (to the left in this case), I'm not referring to the political landscape. I'm referring to a certain direction full of life, energy, introspection, compassion, and direction.

It's the play 2 the Left: A Tribute to the Life of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes.

The play provides a truly intimate and enriching look at the life of the member of the platinum (and diamond-selling) group TLC, but it's more than just the music. It's delving into her life's journey, including her family upbringing in Philadelphia, her relocation to Atlanta, experiences with TLC and related personal relationships, her life challenges, her rebirth (given her friendship with Dr Sebi), and her overall legacy which truly goes beyond music.

The work done by the production team, including Kerisse Hutchinson (who writes and performs the one actor/actress play) is a top-notch, high-quality production which truly takes years to come to fruition. During the talk-back after the August 4th show, the panel (which includes siblings Ronald Lopes and Reigndrop Lopes) shares how given the extensive research, writing, and re-writing truly makes this an ambitious and truly captivating effort by all involved. With access to additional resources (including but not limited family interviews, additional first-hand footage, and other materials), the production provides a rarely seen or known point of reference, leading to a truly richer story about the life and work of Lopes. Ranging from traveling to Honduras (and visiting Usha, which is a key part of her transformation) to unpublished works, extensive attention to detail to provide a truly authentic and accessible look at the artist and advocate.

The following video provides a look at part of the backstory on the production and the person:

With her legacy remaining a "constructive agitating" presence via the work of her nonprofit (to learn more, visit the website of the Lisa Lopes Foundation by clicking HERE), her music, and more, it's beyond entertainment. It's more about perseverance and transforming change to truly leave things better than how you received them.

The following video provides information on the work and legacy building still taking place:

After a successful run as an official selection for the Borderlight International Theater Festival, the play is running through August 11th at the Synchronicity Theater in Atlanta (1545 Peachtree St NE - click HERE to visit the theater's website). Tickets are available by visiting the play website (click HERE to visit the play website for more details); donations are accepted as well.

A life full of experiences, some truly challenging and others truly uplifting.

A life that truly is transforming and leaving all with the following questions to answer:

What will your legacy be?

What would you fight for?

What would you live for?

And in this instance, it's alright to move to enjoy the #2TheLeftPlay.

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