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A little "x"-tra: the current and future work of Taylor X

Last November (click HERE to read the previous article), I had the pleasure of speaking with the Nashville-based artist Taylor X. With a style that is a creative blend of multiple genres (including, but not limited to country, r and b, and even a little hip-hop), the singer, dancer, and choreographer (among other performing arts and music related skill sets) is hard at work. Her single, "Basics", is released at that time, and with a sound schedule complete with performances and related projects, she is full speed ahead regarding her growing musical presence.

However, an injury and some health hurdles (including blood clots) created a few delays and put a few things on hold. And now, with things back on track, she's back.

"I had to be patient, but anyone who knows me knows it's hard for me to sit still", she remarks.

Her patience (as well as that of her fans) is rewarded as in mid-June (June 14th), she releases her current ballad influenced track, Cheap Talk (click HERE to listen). Even more impressive of the wide range of emotions craftily captured is the song is recorded nearly a year and a half ago.

And then, there's the striking video (click HERE to view the video). With the self-designed choreography, the current video is recorded on one of the more advanced technology tools: an I-Phone.

Yes, an I-Phone.

"During my downtime, I'm able to learn and apply a few things", she adds. This includes essentials with video and production. Combined with her knowledge base with dance, choreography, and other aspects of the creative arts, it produces an even more energetic and engaging experience for the viewer and listener.

And yes, there's more on the horizon.

Her next release (song and video) scheduled for this summer sounds like another creative and sure-fire hit. Shot on location in Costa Rica, she notes, "My next release has a "Tokyo Nights" feel, and a little more of an urban edge". Combined with her current training in Jeet Kune Do (which is the style of martial arts created by the legendary Bruce Lee), the visuals should build upon the high energy, creative immersion of multiple styles and genres all her own.

A release in June and another one for later this summer.

And while on the mend, adding a few more "tools" to her creative and performance "toolbox", and still having an energy and vibe all her own.

That's x-tra.

Additional notes: to stay informed of Taylor X's upcoming releases, performances, and other events, readers are encouraged to visit her website (click HERE to visit), Facebook (click HERE to add/visit), Instagram (click HERE to add/visit), Twitter (click HERE to add/visit), and YouTube (click HERE to visit) channel.

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