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The Power of Influence Awards: red carpet edition

Friday, February 1, 2019 is more than just the last day of the work week and the first day of the weekend. And it's not just about the Big Game taking place on Sunday (February 3, 2019).

It is about The Power of Influence Awards (click HERE for more information). With Bryan Michael Cox as the host (and previous award recipient), the event is about celebrating those whose influence within their given field not only has "staying power", but is used in other areas of interest. Jermaine Dupri (the CEO of the So So Def entertainment/music label which is celebrating its 25th anniversary), Monica (R and B artist, songwriter, and contemporary icon), and Benny Pough (President of Roc Nation Records) are among those recognized for their considerable efforts.

And then there's the red carpet.

Filled with an energy and vibe that is truly captivating, a blend of up-and-coming to the established provide an engaging atmosphere. The Hues Company (click HERE for more information), who serves as the host for one of the suites, provides a platform for the award recipients and attendees to engage with multiple businesses, many of which are minority owned (including those owned by women). This experience augments part of the purpose of the awards event in providing support for the greater community.

Local figures including (but not limited to) Lil Bankhead (click HERE for more information), businesses such as (but not limited to) Atlanta Custom Gold (who does work for local and international artists, so click HERE to learn more) and Russell's Gourmet Coffee (click HERE for more information) are among the entities present. The crew of Sister Circle TV are able to lend their support, as well as other media outlets from Metro-Atlanta, Charlotte, Houston, and other cities.

When you have an event that is focused on celebrating and encouraging, it increases the likelihood of those from across entertainment, sports, media, and other fields to determine how they are able to lend support.

That's what influence is all about.

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