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Survive, advance, and succeed

The terms survive and advance are sometimes associated with the NCAA Tournament. With its "one and done" nature, a number of teams survive and advance to a point, but the team that succeeds (the most) typically wins the championship.

On October 7th starting at 5pm at the West Saint Mary Civic Center (1472 Highway 73 in Jeanerette, LA), the benefit event I Stepped Out on Faith and Ripped the Struggle is about celebrating those who survive, advance, and succeed, especially when it comes to the health challenges of breast cancer and domestic violence. Under the vision and direction of Diva DeVore, the fashion show themed event is about celebrating and supporting some amazing people, but providing improved access to resources to those in need within these two health-related areas of concern.

Make plans to be a part of the October 7th which is about empowering survivors of breast cancer and domestic violence to survive, advance, and succeed.

"Everyone has a story, including those who have gone through and survived these kinds of challenges", notes DeVore. "This is our way to improve awareness and support for programs and resources for those living with breast cancer and surviving domestic violence, and keeping others encouraged".

Top contemporary designs and styles for a professional or social setting are among the pieces that are showcased for the event. Likewise, special performances by artists Icedoll (who is scheduled to perform her song "Diva Walk") and Dermikus Walker featuring Lil' Runt (their song "Tomorrow Isn't Promised" includes an appearance by Diva DeVore) add to the festivities for the day.

Tickets for the event are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Area businesses, community organizations, and the larger community are encouraged to lend support through the purchase of a sponsorship (sponsor packages start at $10 for a 1/8 page ad to $75 for a full page ad), as DR Grimm Enterprises, LLC is serving as the lead sponsor. For more information, make sure to contact Ms. Trunisha Marks (at 337-522-9733 or at

It's a way to support a team. Survive, advance, and succeed.

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