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See through the smokescreen this Tuesday

It could be a cloud of smoke. It could be a way to disguise or mask one's intentions or activities.

In this case, we're going to go with the former as its origins are the by-product of what is produced by fire or another ignition-grounded occurrence. A smokescreen can mask things in general, cloud one's view, and make things a little more difficult to decipher.

This Tuesday, July 18, 2017, from 7:30-9:30pm, the team behind the Atlanta-based Cocktail Chronicles is helping people see through the smokescreen in order to better understand and enjoy the "collaboration" between the formal pairings of alcohol and the cigar experience.

Under the leadership of Je' Wesley, the magazine focuses on enhancing knowledge and application of best practices regarding the role of alcohol and the settings where it can be enjoyed in as responsible and mature a manner as possible. This Tuesday's event at the 617 Social Club (617 Spring Street in Atlanta, GA) provides an accessible way for those of multiple levels of engagement of the cigar culture to better understand how to accentuate the experience in a responsible manner.

The "after-dark" series via Cocktail Chronicles comes to Atlanta on Tuesday, July 18, 2017.

With a panel including Tenisha Bell (CEO of Perfect Pitch Media Group, LLC) and moderator Joyce Larkins (of Lashes and Mustaches), the topics covered include the kinds of beverages that can be paired with cigars based on their strength and manner of engagement of one's palette. Ranging from mild, medium, and full-bodies cigars, those in attendance are able to generate a better understanding of standard practices to better enjoy and understand their experience. Sean Johnson (cigar aficionado and mixologist), Terrance Saxton (cigar aficionado and known as the "Bourbon Whisperer"), and Dona Mathews (Habanos Cigar Lounge operating owner and hospitality/restaurant consultant) are serving as panelists for the event.

Open to those 21 and older, this event is part of the larger series and number of services Cocktail Chronicles provides. Alcohol education resources, reviews, and other related articles are just a sampling of the work conducted by Wesley and his team. For a complete listing, readers are recommended to visit their website (of along with their related social media platforms on Facebook (; likewise, readers may access them on Instagram and Twitter (@cocktailchron1).

Helping educate and inform is how Cocktail Chronicles makes it happen. This Tuesday, they are helping others see through the smokescreen so they can make it happen as well.

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